(en)APEC ABCs - Facts About Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

Jaggi Singh (blackcat@vcn.bc.ca)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 06:45:55 -0800 (PST)

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[Vancouver, Salish Territory]

"APEC ABCs: The Facts about APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)" BC Teacher's Federation Theatre 7:30 pm, Monday, March 24, 1997

Speakers: Mary Rowles, Canadian Labour Congress Sunera Thobani, The Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair in Women Studies, SFU Jaggi Singh, Asia Connexions and ETAN Representative from Aboriginal Women's Network

Chair/moderator: Margi Blaney, Canadian Labour Congress

Topics: What are the policy issues which will discussed at the APEC forum? What will be their effect? What policy issues will be ignored? What will be the effect? What will be the work of the People's Summit? What policies/actions can we expect from the People's Summit?

Audience: Academics Churches General public Community newspapers Members of the sponsoring organizations

Sponsors: members of the Canadian Advisory Board and the Vancouver Steering Committee Aboriginal Women's Network Anglican Church (Vancouver) B.C. Council for International Cooperation B.C. Environmental Network B.C. Federation of Labour B.C. Teachers Federation Canada Asia Working Group (Canadian Council of Churches) Canadian Environmental Network Canadian Federation of Students Canadian Labour Congress Canadian Council for International Cooperation Council of Canadians End Legislated Poverty (BC) End the Arms Race/Canadian Peace Alliance International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development National Action Committee on the Status of Women Network on International Human Rights Trade Union Research Bureau (BC) Union of BC Indian Chiefs United Native Nations Vancouver & District Labour Council


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