(en)Activism & Apocalypse Part III: Networks and Counter-Networks

Jaggi Singh (blackcat@vcn.bc.ca)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 06:42:34 -0800 (PST)

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"Activism and Apocalypse: Politics in the Shadow of the Silent Majorities"

A free discussion series sponsored by the SFU Institute for the Humanities, the Vancouver Free University, and the Academy of Fine and Vulgar Arts.

THIS MONTH: NETWORKS AND COUNTER-NETWORKS =========================================

The first two nights were oriented towards the theoretical question of what sorts of political action are appropriate to contemporary social conditions. This month, we'll hear from two activists involved in strategies of resistance that are making use of new technologies and attempting to work across traditional boundaries.

Jesse Hirsh, from Toronto, will speak on the International Media Collective, which is an endeavor to create a media environment that enables grassroots organizing, mobilizing and communication.

Jaggi Singh, of Vancouver, will talk about the International of Hope and how it relates to struggles of resistance locally and internationally.

There will be an open mic forum, in which everyone who wishes to speak will have a chance to do so.

PLACE AND TIME ============== La Quena Coffee House 1111 Commercial Drive 8:00 PM Tuesday March 18th, 1997

WHAT IS A&A? ============ The goal of the series is to explore relations between theory and action, academy and community activism, in the face of recent social-political theory that declares the 'end of the social', 'a post-ideological political context', and the 'death of the subject'. Questions to be explored would include: To what extent are these nihilistic, apocalyptic claims descriptive of actually existing social conditions? To what extent are they the bad dreams of disheartened academicians?

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Richard Day, Academy of Fine & Vulgar Arts, (604) 255-6603, dayd@sfu.ca Trish Graham, SFU Institute for the Humanities, (604) 291-5855


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