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African Analysis = Background =


Switzerland 36,231 Sudan 55 Luxembourg 35,260 Mozambique 62 Japan 28,217 Tanzania 99 Sweden 26,784 Somalia 100 Bermuda 26,600 Cambodia 103 Denmark 25,927 Ethiopia 113 Norway 25,804 Vietnam 130 Iceland 23,667 Nepal 165 United States 23,119 Sierra Leone 167 Finland 22,977 Uganda 169

.One child dies from poverty every 53 minutes

.1 in 5 children under the age of eighteen and 1 in 4 children under the age of six lives in poverty and faces hunger

.2,685 babies are born into poverty everyday.

.30 million people suffer chronic underconsumption of adequate nutrients. .1.3 million fell into poverty in 1993 and the number of poor people is increasing three times as fast as the overall population.

----------------------------------------------- GDP is commonly used as an indication of the wealth of a particular country. Indeed it is a useful yardstick to compare overall positions. However, when it is calculated as an average GDP per head, as it is in the above charts, it fails to indicate the differences that can exist within different countries. To highlight this if you thought any of the statistics below the GDP tables referred to those countries with low rates of GDP per head you were wrong. They all refer to the USA. -------------------------------------------------




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