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Sat, 8 Mar 1997 13.10 GMT

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[we recently sent a message to this list regarding the future of the Class War Federation in which we promised to send any further comments we received to this list. The following is from today's edition of FREEDOM]

Dear Comrades, What is it about me that causes certain idiot sections of the anarchist left and press to write utter shite about who I am, what I do, etc? I've just got over the slander in Wildcat and Organise and God knows where else, now I find another slander in the pages of Freedom. That you can print a letter, an obviously anonymous letter, slagging off a national group is one thing, that unsubstantiated political slander can just sail through into publications speaks volumes for your political integrity. Lucy Parsons, who seems to know well enough that I was a Syndicalist Workers Federation (not DAM) member, and that I joined the CWF, but where 'she' gets the 'fact' that I "jumped ship once again and joined his union boss Arthur Scargill in the Socialist Labour Party very early on, before the party' s founding conference in May '96" is an utter invention without the slightest substance. I have not been, am not now nor will I ever be a member of the bloody SLP. The political disagreements between myself and Comrade Scargill are at times furious and have been for some time. The only good thing about the slander is that he is at least as outraged by the accusation as I am. Save some dignity and give this letter at least as much prominence as you did the mud-slinger. Revolutionary Greetings, David Douglass

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