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Attached is the piece Class War submitted to Black Flag for the most recent issue.

On a related note, the earlier post on this subject mentioned Dave Douglass had been a member of DAM, and moved via Class War to the semi stalinist SLP run by Arthur Scargill. I've met Dave on a number of occasions and regard him as a fine militant and libertarian, but he's always described himself to my knowledge as a marxist not an anarchist and as far as I know didn't join the DAM for that reason, though he did work very closely with the Doncaster branch, particularly publicising stuff around the miners strike. For a better view of the man's politics I'd recommend his very entertaining book "Pit Sense versus the State" published by Pheonix press. What he has to say about the left in Britain is both funny and spot on.

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Class War is Dead ? Blair is a socialist ? The ruling class have given up ? No! No! No!

At the @ Bookfair in October 1996, the Class War Federaation circulated a leaflet that said "watch this space". HArdly news for comrades with their ear to the ground. Since then the rumour mill has been running wild with groups as diverse as Freedom and Red A ction reporting our demise - without bothering to check with us in a typical sectarian manner. The following statement is an edited version of a letter sent to all of CWs bulk Order Subscribers in early November 96, Issue 73 will be a fuller statement.

Issue 73 of Class War will not be out until April/May 1997. It will be a SPECIAL ISSUE, possibly the last, at least in its current form.

Evolution The CWF is reviewing its "raison d'etre". We are looking inwards and outwards. At the way we work; the changes in the capitalist global economy; the changes within and effects upon our own class. Times change and Class War has to evolve too (we are aware w e are not the only ones with the courage to question our own existance). Working class resistance has to learn new, and re-learn old, forms of struggle. From riot to insurrection is a huge step.

Issue 73 - The Nasty One (Why is the revolutionary movement so marginal?) This one off special will have 20 + pages. It will not have its typical contents, nor its normal irreverent tone, but will include the following: * an open letter directed at the anarchist / libertarian movement and our readers. * honest evaluation and history of Class War. * why people engage in political struggle, what makes them tick, what we want at the end of it. * articles on the likes of prisoners and prisoner solidarity work; internationalism; changing face of industrual struggles; anti-election action; and more.

What Are We Going To Do After? The CWF will be looking to hold a conference later in 1997, in which we are asking like-minded groups / individuals to become involved. Until then, the CWF will continue its day to day activities, and network for this conference. Issue 73 is part of the pro cess, we welcome responses to the paper and any contributions to the direction our class, our wider movement, and the CWF should be moving towards.

Whatever the outcome of the next few months, the struggle continues, and all individuals involved in the CWF will continue this struggle in one way or another. We urge all who have supported and been enthused by Class War over the years to do the same, and t o carefully consider what we have to say in Issue 73.

Our discussions over the last months already involve many who are not current members of the CWF. WE want to widen this process. All comrades are invited to send written contributions to : The CWF, c/o Nat SEC, PO Box 3241, Birmingham, B8 3DP --------------62F92E8CCED--


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