(en) 5th street squatters supporter investigated by police (fwd)

mijounga s chang (smchang@mtholyoke.edu)
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 05:35:24 -0500 (EST)

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ken toloui kamran@dorsai.org 7 march 1997 anticopyright

5th street squatters supporter investigated by police - phonecalls bring visit from cops

i learned that the 5th street squat in the lower east side of new york city was being demolished by the city from a posting dated 12 february 1997 on a-infos, an anarchist email list on the internet. the posting listed the telephone numbers of officials in the new york city department of housing preservation and development (hpd), as well as of new york mayor rudolph giuliani. on 20 february i left personal messages for the hpd officials and a voicemail for giuliani, demanding that the squatters be allowed back into their building, that their personal property be returned to them, and that the city compensate them monetarily for the damages it did. each time i left my name and telephone number.

later that day i received a phone message from a new york city police department (nypd) officer named mathiessen, with no indication of the reason for the call, and no return phone number. on 3 march, while i was out, two nypd detectives came to my home. identifying themselves as j simonetti and gasserly, they said they were with nypd intelligence, and that they wanted to ask me about the 5th street squat. they stated that someone had been sending threats to the commissioner (presumably of hpd) with regard to the 5th street squat, and that they were questioning everyone who had made phonecalls on this issue. they questioned my mother and sibling about me and the 5th street squat, and left their phone numbers, 718-834-4330 and 718-834-4328 respectively. on 6 march simonetti telephoned and began to question me regarding my phonecall in support of the 5th street squatters. i asked simonetti if there was a subpoena issued to investigate me. simonetti said no, and at that point i refused to answer any more questions.

i suspect that the police officers were with the nypd red squad, the section which targets political dissidents, and that they were attempting to intimidate me and possibly others who openly protest the citys campaign against squatters. i would appreciate information about anyone else who might have been similarly treated by nypd for protesting the demolition of the 5th street squat. please email information to me at kamran@dorsai.org. the a-infos email list can be subscribed to by sending an email with a blank subject line and "subscribe a-infos" in the body of the text to majordomo@lglobal.com. thank you.

ken toloui kamran@dorsai.org 7 march 1997 anticopyright


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