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Hello everyone ...

As you will notice, I'm forwarding the on-line versions of the first two issues of ASIA CONNEXIONS. CONNEXIONS aims to provide critical news and analysis of the Asia-Pacific and South Asia regions from an independent (ie. non-corporate and non-governmental) point of view.

With APEC's arrival in Canada, CONNEXIONS will be an important tool to provide critical views and analyis of the APEC free trade agenda. At present, CONNEXIONS comes out bi-monthly as an insert in Latin America Connexions which has been publishing for over 10 years. It is distributed for free throughout the Lower Mainland and is also sent by mail across Canada.

It is hoped that in a few months ASIA CONNEXIONS (a working name that is bound to change) will be able to be published independently and distributed across Canada and the US. This all depends on your help. If you think ASIA CONNEXIONS is a worthy endeavour, you can help in many ways:


If you're from the Lower Mainland area of BC, you can help with the writing, editing, layout, fundraising, publicity and distribution of CONNEXIONS. CONNEXIONS is structured non-hierarchically and collective members share all tasks involved in putting together a newspaper. Those with certain specific skills aim to share those skills with other members of the collective.


Don't hesitate to forward anything you think might be of interest to the newspaper (e-mail: asiax@vcn.bc.ca).


CONNEXIONS will not survive much longer without more funding. We need to find some office space as well as computer equipment. At present, ASIA CONNEXIONS acts parasitically on existing organizations like Latin American Connexions and student unions who have been very helpful. CONNEXIONS also accepts advertising, so please get in touch. Finally, if you know of any other sources of funding, please pass them on soon.


Please forward the on-line versions of CONNEXIONS to anyone you think might be interested. If you would like a hard copy of CONNEXIONS -- which includes photos and graphics -- please send your address. Specify how many copies you might be able to distribute in your local area.

Chretien's Liberals, Clark's NDP and the corporate media are already hard at work promoting their vision of what the Asia-Pacific is supposed to mean for Canada. If you cut through the thick rhetoric, the Pacific Rim is essentially a great money-making opportunity for Canadian business. Hopefully ASIA CONNEXIONS can play a small role, along with other likeminded people, in countering the corporate-driven agenda of our governments, especially during Chretien's self-declared Year of the Asia-Pacific. Get in touch!

-- Jaggi Singh on behalf of the Asia Connexions Collective

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2344 Spruce Street Vancouver, Salish Territory V6H 2P2 Tel: (604) 251-9914 Fax: (604) 733-1852 E-Mail: asiax@vcn.bc.ca

"To resist is to win." -- Xanana Gusmao **************************************************************************


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