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There are women of many descriptions In this queer world as everyone knows Some are living in beautiful mansions And are wearing the finest of clothes There are blue blooded queens and princesses Who have charms made of diamonds and pearl But the only and thoroughbred lady Is the Rebel Girl

Chorus: That's the Rebel Girl, that's the Rebel Girl, To the working class she's a precious pearl She brings courage pride and joy To the fighting Rebel Boy We've had girls before but we need some more in The Industrial Workers of the World For it's great to fight for freedom With a Rebel Girl

Yes, her hands may be harden'd from labour And her dress may not be very fine But a heart in her bosom is beating That is true to her class and her kind And the grafters in terror are trembling When her spite and defiance she'll hurl For the only and thoroughbred lady Is the Rebel Girl

words and music by Joe Hill (in jail Feb 1915)

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