(en) The Irish Nazi, the Unionist MPs and the British Tories

Tue, 4 Mar 1997 14:54:40 GMT

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This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

The Irish Nazi, the Unionist MPs and the British Tories

An Irish fascist has turned up as editor of =

Right Now!, an ultra-right magazine within =

the British Conservative Party. Derrick =

Turner was investigated by the Garda=ED in =

1988, when he was working at the Irish Navy =

base in Hawlboline, Co. Cork. Turner was =

the leader of a tiny fascist group, the =

Social Action Initiative, and was suspected =

of passing naval communications to the UDA =

in Belfast. During the investigation it =

was found that he had met National Front =

leaders at the UDA'a headquarters.

The following year Turner went to London, =

where he was photographed taking part in a =

National Front demonstration. Now, after =

changing his name to Derek, he has turned =

up in the Conservative Party. =

Right Now! is a bridge between the =

'respectable' Tory right like Teresa Gorman =

and Sir Richard Brody, and hard line nazis =

outside the Party. Veteran fascists like =

Joy Page have been regulars at Right Now! =


Although he claims his views have moderated =

over the years, Turner's words say =

otherwise. In the Salisbury Review =

(another British ultra-right journal) he =

attacked the "liberal notions" of "mixed =

race intellectuals". Was this a once-off? =

Well, a look at the people he has persuaded =

to act as patrons for Right Now! is =

instructive. =

American journalist Samuel Francis was =

sacked from the right wing Washington Times =

for "well, being too right wing". In fact =

Francis was sacked for promoting white =

racism at an extremist conference. Another =

patron, Professor Dwight D Murphy, is a =

Kansas academic who made his name writing a =

history of lynchings.

The magazine's American distributor is Mark =

Cotterill, a man with links to both the =

National Front and the paramilitary C18. =

Cotterill, who been in the USA for the last =

year, is working with the Council of =

Conservative Citizens. This organisation =

grew out of the White Citizens' Councils =

which attacked the civil rights movement =

and defended racial segregation in the =


Ten Westminister MPs have associated =

themselves with Turner's outfit. At the =

very least it is a racist publication whose =

organisers have a past steeped in fascist =

politics. Among the MPs who have spoken at =

its meetings (in rooms at the House of =

Commons) are Deputy DUP leader Peter =

Robinson and Orange Grand Master Martin =

Smyth. Why are we not surprised?

Joe King

------------------------------------------------ This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

The whole issue and previous issues can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2724/anpubdx.html

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