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These articles are from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997


Chinese Women Fined For Losing Virginity

BY EVA CHENG Chinese women in the key industrial city of Wuhan, =

Hubei province, are forced to pay heavy fines and =

write "self-criticism" if found to have lost their =

virginity before marriage, according to a China News =

Digest dispatch. A medical examination is required =

in order to obtain state approval to marry. The fine =

ranges between 200 and 2000 yuan. The monthly wage =

of an average worker is a few hundred yuan.

The approval - in the form of a "marriage =

certificate" - is part of the requirement under =

China=92s one-child policy, introduced in the early =

1970s. Zhang Xianwu, an official at the Marriage =

Department of Wuhan=92s Bureau of Civil Affairs, was =

quoted as saying that the stiff fine was necessary to =

stamp out "immoral trends".


The Geneva based International Labour Organisation =

recently released figures which found that the =

jobless rate is between 50% and 100% higher for women =

than for men. Worldwide, women only earn between 50% =

and 80% of men' wages; and of the 100 million =

children without access to primary education about =

60% are girls.


Last Nov.7th & 8th saw the Canadian province of =

Manitoba bring in a law whereby trade unions now have =

to disclose all financial information to the "public" =

except the amount in strike funds. But, of course, =

total revenue minus non-strike fund monies =3D strike =

fund. These provisions give the employer =

considerable power in the bargaining process - power =

to see if a union can finance a strike. There is no =

similar obligation on employers to declare how much =

money they have for union busting.


In the USA many prisoners are used as slave labour in =

prison laundries, kitchens and factories. They are =

paid 50, 80 cents or if very lucky $2 a day. Now the =

state of Michigan is charging these prisoners for =

electricity. The meanness doesn't end there. =

Governor John Egler wants cuts in education (only 3 =

of the 40 prisons still have classes), and an end to =

drug rehabilitation programmes.


Microsoft Corporation has been making some of its =

profits from prison labour in the USA. The Twin =

Rivers Correction Centre in Washington State took up =

the slack when the rush was on to get Windows 95 out =

in time. Operating via an intermediary company =

called Exmark, prisoners were paid an average of just =

$1.80 per hour for their work. Microsoft posted =

record profits last year. Bill Gates, its head, is =

one of the richest people in the world.


------------------------------------------------ This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

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