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Thousands of Protesters Will Challenge Clinton at Philadelphia Summit on April 27

Describing President Clinton's Summit on America's Future as a sham designed to cover up the crisis of widening poverty, downsizing and corporate layoffs, the destruction of welfare and food stamp entitlements and racist immigrant bashing, a broad network of progressive organizations today announced a mass demonstration to take place Sunday April 27 in Philadelphia

The demonstration is timed to coincide with the "Presidents' Summit on America's Future." Leaders of the April 27 protest decry the hypocrisy of President Clinton. promoting volunteerism, while elimiating the right to welfare assistance. This move will drive more than a million more children into poverty. Volunteers and private charity can never replace government funded social services -- they are overwhelmed now."

"In the next weeks more than one million immigrants will lose their Food Stamps and SSI, 500,000 families of disabled children will be cutoff from their benefits, and millions of impoverished people will lose AFDC benefits," explains Teresa Gutierrez of the National People's Campaign. "President Clinton, ex-president George Bush , Colin Powell and host of their top corporate backers, are preparing to gather in Philadelphia on April 27 for the `Presidents' Summit.' This is nothing but a publicity stunt designed to put a human face on the massive assault on the fundamental rights that millions have fought for in the last 60 years," Gutierrez asserts.

Gutierrez said the demonstrators want the social service cutbacks reversed. "The government does have $650 billion a year for the Pentagon, corporate welfare and wealthy bondholders. The amount bugeted for the military -- even before recent welfare cuts -- was $8 for every dollar spent on student aid, environmental protection, and welfare (AFDC) combined. Why is there money to hire 100,000 more police? They carry out racist brutality. Why is there money to build prisons for the victims of poverty and not for programs that benefit the working class, the poor, the elderly and the youth?"

Gutierrez said that the demonstration organizers were expecting a big turnout because "we are unifying so many sectors of people." She cited the sponsorship of the activity by more than 200 groups and prominent individuals from among students, civil rights and women's organizations, trade unionists, the lesbian, gay, bi, and transgendered communities, and seniors. "All these communities will be raising their banners in order to maximize their effectiveness. The government would like to split us up. To have every constituency fight for its rights alone. To fight state by state or city by city. We are taking this fight into every community but our goal is to build a new national movement. Together we have power. Together we represent the majority opinion in this country." --30--


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