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Mon, 3 Mar 1997 17:03:45 GMT

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Thank You, Nick for this update.

Judi Bari died peacefully at home this morning at 6:45 am. With her were her daughter Lisa Bari, her companion and assistant Alicia Littletree, and fellow Earth First! organizer and close friend Karen Pickett. Her younger daughter Jessica, her parents, her sister Martha, and old friend Darlene Comingore had been with Bari the day before, and were able to come to her home just after her passing.

Bari asked that her friends get together for a party (the word Bari chose), expected to happen next weekend in her hometown of Willits at a time and place to be announced.

More information will follow shortly.

My condolences to you all, for the great loss that we all have suffered.

Viva Judi Bari!

Nick Wilson

Hello friends, Yes, Judi passed on this morning as Nick describes. I just got off the phone with Karen Pickett, who is having a difficult time. While her being with Judi for the last week helped prepare her for Judi's departure, as she put it, "I'm not yet getting that we're in a world without Judi Bari." Karen was holding Judi's hand when she died. She had been awake a little bit before she died. For a couple of days it had been hard for Judi to communicate. She was never in a coma, but was mostly sleeping. She was mostly answering yes no questions about if she wanted her blanket rearranged, or to be turned over, that sort of thing. When she died this morning, her breathing became slower and slower for a few minutes, and then it stopped. Karen said she thought Judi chose to die then. She did die peacefully, and apparently was not in a lot of pain during the last few weeks, contrary to earlier reports. The morphine was effective. According to Karen, Judi had know her end was imminent for about three weeks. And Judi died resolved to death, not angry at the world for her death. Her daughters Jesse and Lisa are of course having a difficult time. I asked Karen what Judi wanted to be remembered for. She said, for working on her lawsuit until the last moment, and for the in roads she made building ties with the loggers. One gypo logger, Jerry Filbert (I'm not sure of the spelling) who had been a rabid foe during Redwood Summer in 1990, had come over to Judi's cabin during the last week to help with labor around her house. A memorial service is being planned for next weekend in Willits. We should have details confirmed in 24 hours or so, and I will of course post them as soon as I get them. If you want to be able to stay informed by telephone, you can call the Mendocino Environmental Center in Ukiah, CA(707/ 468-1660) or in the San Francisco Bay Area you can call the Earth First! hotline (510/848-8724) in a day or two. I presume local memorial services will also be scheduled around the country, and will pass along to you any information about them as I receive it. Anybody who doesn't know this already, to be sure to receive email updates, make sure I have your email address. Today I have posted this announcement to more lists than I have in the past. I will not continue to do so on some of these lists after this message (because it's irrelevant to their focus, or because they're not part of the community which knew and cared for Judi). So if you're seeing these announcements on Judi for the first time, you won't any more unless you let me know you want to stay in touch.

Peace, Andy

LISTENING by John Trudell Santee Sioux

I was listening to the voices of life chanting in unison carry on the struggle the generations surge together in resistance to meet the reality of power

Mother Earth embraces her children in natural beauty to last beyond oppressors brutality as the butterfly floats into life we are the spirit of natural life which is forever

the power of understanding real connections to spirit is meaning our resistance our struggle is not sacrifice lost it is natural energy properly used

One time I was visiting with my relatives the clouds, the mountains the sky, the trees my relatives touched my spirit nudged it lovingly listen to us impatient one we are forever you must remember the gentleness of time

you are struggling to be who you are you say you want to learn the old ways struggling to learn when all you must do is remember

remember the people remember Sky and Earth remember the people have always struggled to live in harmony in peace struggle against selfishness and weakness so the people may live as nations

the old ways are hard the people have always had to work together remember impatient one remember so the people may live honor sky and earth honor yourself honor your relations remember impatient one the gentleness of time

You are more than light in the night you are more than the moon you are spirit connection your energy is our life you are memories to generations past you are the creator of sensations that will always last you are the knowledge the teacher, the influence to keep the people sane you are a healer for spirit pain

Grandmother moon we love you and we are angry at the invaders who trash you and violate our universe with their mechanical uncleanliness we pray for you for us and for the invader who just can't comprehend respect, love or the balance of life

we do not join the invaders madness from the way they act it speaks of spirit sadness machine money progress is the cause of our common abuse we see you Grandmother we feel you we love you we know through your reality we will endure we are one we pray for you we pray to you

from "Stickman: poems, lyrics, talks, a conversation" edited by Paola Igliori; and from the album "Tribal Voice"

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