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Fri, 28 Feb 1997 11:50:01 GMT

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This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997


Anarchists are for the defeat of British =

imperialism. We understand that the root cause of =

the troubles in the six counties lies with the =

British ruling class and the northern sectarian =

statelet. That is why we call for Troops Out. But =

we want more, we stand for the creation of a new =

society in the interests of the working class and =

against the bosses, both orange and green.

This is very different from the politics of =

nationalism, of Sinn F=E9in. We see the way forward =

as unity of Catholic and Protestant workers in a =

common fight against capitalism. Nationalists look =

for alliances of bosses and workers, they want co- operation with the SDLP and Fianna F=E1il. =

Because they see Northern Protestant workers as =

unpatriotic, as "pro-British elements"; their =

interest seems to stop at who can best control =

them. Hence Gerry Adams speech prior to the 1994 =

IRA ceasefire which said that Protestants needed a =

De Klerk to lead them to compromise. =

Nationalism tells us that people of a particular =

nation have more in common than they have dividing =

them. It is not supposed to matter if you are rich =

or poor, low paid worker or millionaire boss; =

we're all Irish. =

Anarchists are not nationalists, in fact we are =

completely against nationalism. We don't worry =

about where your granny was born, whether you can =

speak Irish or if you drink a green milkshake in =

McDonalds on St Patrick's Day. =

But this doesn't mean we can ignore nations. They =

do exist; and some nationalities are picked on, =

discriminated against because of their nationality. =

Irish history bears a lot of witness to this. =

The Kurds, Native Americans, Chechins, and many =

more have suffered also - and to an amazingly =

barbaric degree. National oppression is wrong. It =

divides working class people, causes terrible =

suffering and strengthens the hand of the ruling =

class. Our opposition to this makes us anti- imperialists.

Today, in most parts of the world, nationalist =

movements no longer fight for victory over their =

enemies. They seek compromise. The last few IRA =

bombs have not been aimed at getting the British =

state out of Ireland, they have been attempts to =

force the British to talk to Gerry Adams and Martin =

McGuinness. =

The last few years have seen this process, not only =

in Ireland, but in South Africa, Palestine, El =

Salvador, Nicaragua, Chechnya. A major factor in =

arriving at this position is an understanding that =

'independent' capitalist states which can take real =

control of their national economies are becoming a =

pipe dream. =

$1.3 trillion moves around the world each day in =

search of the greatest profit. It is a lot harder =

for big states to lay down conditions on the rich, =

it is impossible for a small state. If they won't =

do what the big bosses want, the investment money =

is moved to somewhere more 'co-operative'. =

And despite sometimes using 'revolutionary' =

language, the nationalist goal is essentially about =

maintaining capitalism with its division of society =

into bosses & workers, rulers and ruled. Though =

fighting against national oppression, the argument =

at the end of the day is about who the rulers =

should be. There is no thought of tearing down the =

social pyramid which puts most of us at the bottom, =

and few rich and powerful people at the top.

Anarchists certainly don't want to reduce humanity =

to one grey mass. We want to foster cultural =

diversity: languages, music, dress, lifestyles. A =

rich tapestry of diversity which is a good thing =

and can enrich the lives of everyone. =

But using a national culture (and the =

'traditionalists' should remember that cultures are =

constantly evolving and changing) to feel superior =

or to treat someone else less favourably creates =

suffering and plays into the hands of our rulers =

who know that people who are divided are easier to =

control and exploit.

So fight national oppression but look beyond =

nationalism. We can do a lot better. Changing the =

world for the better will be a hard struggle so we =

should make sure that we look for the best possible =

society to live in. =

We look forward to a world without borders, where =

the great majority of people have as much right to =

freely move about as the idle rich do today. A =

worldwide federation of free peoples - classless =

and stateless - where we produce to satisfy needs =

and all have control over our destinies - that's a =

goal worth struggling for.

******************** This we will maintain?

Office workers in the six counties are far worse =

off than their counterparts in England, Scotland =

and Wales. Latest figures show salaries between =

10% and 40% less than the British average.

A legal secretary in central London, for example, =

can expect to earn =A319,000 a year. In Belfast or =

Derry the figure would be around =A38,000.

To make matters worse, less than one third of six =

county companies provide any pension benefits - =

compared to a British average of approximately 65%. Source: SIPTU Newsline

Joe King ------------------------------------------------ This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

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