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Pentagon Coverup of Gulf War Syndrome Continues Demand an Independent Investigation into all Causes

The most recent disclosure that the Pentagon did not notify soldiers or the public of the dangers of chemical weapons exposures following the U.S. bombing of a known chemical weapons depot (Feb. 25, 26, 27) demonstrates more clearly than ever the wide Pentagon coverup of Gulf War Syndrome. The Pentagon has suppressed explosive information on the health and environmental consequences of the widespread use of Depleted Uranium weapons and its potential role in Gulf War Syndrome. Quotations like the following abound in numerous previously suppressed U.S. Army documents; "If DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences. The risks associated with DU in the body are both chemical and radiological."(AEPI Report, June 1995, Health & Environmental Consequences of DU Use in the U.S. Army, p. 101.)

More than 940,000 30mm and 14,000 105mm and 120mm DU rounds were fired in the Gulf releasing between 300 and 800 tons of highly toxic and radioactive depleted uranium into the environment. Upon impact, more than 70% of the uranium oxidizes into a fine aerosol mist which can be readily inhaled into the lungs contaminating the food and water supply and potentially resulting in numerous immune system related diseases, cancers, congenital deformities, leukemias and renal and hepatic dysfunctions which are occurring throughout Iraq and among US, UK and other Allied soldiers.

The Depleted Uranium Education Project demands that a complete, comprehensive and independent investigation into all potential causes of Gulf War Syndrome begin immediately. Only a comprehensive independent investigation will answer the questions that hundreds of thousands of individuals, both civilian and military personnel, have concerning their wide-ranging medical afflictions resulting from the unprecedented toxicological disaster in the Gulf region.

The Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) has disregarded the links between Gulf War Syndrome and DU weapons. As a result, the Depleted Uranium Education Project, a coalition of numerous organizations and individuals based at the International Action Center, has produced an informative, ground-breaking book exposing the disastrous consequences of the use of DU weapons and the history of Pentagon coverup throughout the entire uranium cycle. This book will be released in early April. For more information, contact the DU Education Project at the numbers listed above. -30-


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