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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Thu, 27 Feb 1997

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The February edition of EL LIBERTARIO - a bimonthly periodical produced by the Committee of Anarchist Relations (CRA), a collective which brings together afinity groups and individuals of a libertarian persuasion throughout Venezuela - has just been published.

This journal gives a full coverage of the activities and perspectives of the contemporary anarchist youth movement in Venezuela. The name of the publication is the same as that of the publication which was edited between 1985 and 1987 by the Colectivo Autogestionario Libertario which represented the first attempt to coordinate the movement at a national level. In 1995 the CRA came together with a similar aim of linking anarchists from all over the country and to start publication of a new version of EL LIBERTARIO. During its first year the journal had to overcome typical problems for this kind of project (economic, organisational, distribution etc.), but as of #5 we had managed to reach a stage where we were able to regularise its appearance every two months and reach a print run of 2,000 - nearly all of which were sold -. Such acievements are noteworthy in a country where until recently it was an act of heroism to maintain a radical publication consistent with the collective.

Participating in EL LIBERTARIO are a range of people from the very young who are taking their first steps in an alternative socio-political direction to those with experience such as those who until 1995 produced the journal CORREO A which for 8 years and 28 editions managed to achieve a national and international relevance which now continues on the Internet. All these people are working to continually improve the publication (both presentation and content) and to build on the welcome that its pages have been given by the popular Venezuelan movement.

In order to achieve these aims EL LIBERTARIO now turns to those people on anarqlat asking them to collaborate by subscribing to the journal. The subscription rate for 6 issues (one year) is four dollars. There is also a supporters subscription (eight dollars) for which we will send some back copies of the journal and other published material about the anarchist movement in the country. The best way to make this help a reality is by sending subscription costs (in North American notes), by registered post, to the following address:

E. TESORO Apartado postal 6303, Carmelitas, Caracas VENEZUELA

When sending correspondence I would ask you to let me know by email (<mendezn@fiucv.ing.ucv.ve> or <nmendez@sagi.ucv.edu.ve>) so we can be certain that the letter arrives in good time! (Indispensable precaution in these lands!). It would be excellent if you were able to forward this appeal for collaboration to other libertarian and related groups. Please also note that we welcome the possibility of exchanging EL LIBERTARIO for other friendly journals which arrive at the aforementioned address.

Finally, in order to show you what the content of EL LIBERTARIO is like we are sending to anarqlat two of the articles in edition #7 where there is analysis and proposals concerning Venezuelan anarchism faced with the situation we find ourselves in. We send, in anticpiation, our deepest thanks to those who decide to collaborate with this project...


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