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Number 237

17th - 23rd February, 1997


You've got to hand it to the Coalition maggots, when their power is = threatened they'll do anything and say anything to protect the interests = of their backers. The Liberal/National Party Coalition is about to = introduce legislation in the Lower House that is breath-taking in its = audacity. In what they think is a clever move (too clever if you ask = me) they are about to neutralise the various anti-discrimination acts, = (sexual, racial, disability, privacy, human rights) without changing = any of the parliamentary legislation that has been passed to protect = individuals against sexual, racial, disability and human rights = violations. The Coalition maggots understand that a direct assault on any of these = acts would ignite a storm of legal and popular protest. In order to = sidestep the storm of protest that would accompany any legislative = attempts to change these acts, they have embarked on a course that will = limit an individuals and a small organisations ability to access the = system. The party that espouses individual rights is about to = extinguish what few rights citizens in this country have. Not only do = they intend to limit access to the wealthy, they also want to abolish = individual Commissioners and create a pool of Commissioners.

In a nutshell the Coalition government will be introducing legislation = in the Lower House that will make it mandatory that any decision made by = a Commissioner will have to be ratified by the Federal Court before it = can be implemented. It will cost individuals a thousand dollars to have = the Commissioner's decision reviewed by the Federal Court and if the = Federal Court finds against the Commission the person who initially = brought the case to the Commissioner's attention will be responsible for = their legal costs and the legal costs of the other side. When you = realise that most people who bring complaints to a Commissioner's = attention do not have the money to mount such a case, most if not all = acts of discrimination will never be brought to the Commissioners = attention, let alone the Federal Courts attention. Considering the financial resources of State and Federal government = departments and the resources of the corporate world, anybody who wants = an apology or compensation for discrimination practised by the State or = the corporate sector will face bankruptcy if they decide to go ahead = with a complaint. The Coalition maggots want to create a pool of = Commissioners with no individual port folio so they can neutralise any = potential publicity about the various anti-discrimination acts and so = they can keep a tight lid on the Commissioners activities. It's much = easier to control the actions of a group of people who are not known to = the public than a Commissioner who has a specific responsibility for a = particular act, who is well known to the public. The Federal government's proposed legislation is a crude attempt to = sabotage anti-discrimination legislation, whether they make the = anti-discrimination process unworkable will depend on the scope of = protests they are faced with. If protest is contained to the = parliamentary arena, Harradine and Coulston will mostly likely side with = the Coalition and the legislation will be passed. The various = anti-discrimination acts have given individuals and small groups access = to a system that gives them the possibility of addressing discrimination = issues outside the traditional legal frame-work. Unless individuals and = groups are willing to take protest action to force the government to = back down in its attempts to sabotage the anti-discrimination act, the = few gains Australians have made in the past two decades will be swept = away by one piece of parliamentary legislation. The problems = surrounding current parliamentary anti-discrimination legislation, = highlight what can happen if human rights are incorporated in the = Australian Constitution. The government giveth and the government = taketh away.


Honest John's little charade seems to be unravelling at the edges. = Picture our beloved Prime Minister, serious, studious, honest, what a = pathetic little mirage. The irony of the Honest John saga would not be = lost on anybody who has followed Federal politics since Howard's = election victory last year. Although no mud has stuck on Howard, a fair = deal of mud has stuck on many members of his cabinet. The last two = weeks have highlighted the moral and political bankruptcy of Honest = John's team. When you analyse his cabinets individual performances, you're left with = the distinct impression that this government is made up of a bunch of = frauds who have no understanding of the problems that face so many = Australians. When the rhetoric they use is compared to their actions, = it's obvious the Liberal/National party Coalition will say anything and = do anything to hold onto power. No wonder the governments backbench is = beginning to feel nervous about their distinct lack of a parliamentary = future. Teflon John and his sticky cabinet colleagues are sympathetic of all = that's wrong with parliamentary politics. Even if the electors decided = to give the bat to the A.L.P. or the Democrats we would still be faced = with similar problems. Irrespective of who controls parliament and who = sits on the parliamentary cross benches the problems that are faced by = people who give power to representatives is the same. Irrespective of = what representatives promise people, once they control parliament they = can do almost what they like. Irrespective of constitutional constraints they are able to flout any = promises or undertakings they have made. There's nothing in the = constitution that prevents them from going back on their promises. As = there is no mechanism by which people can recall their representative = before the next election, parliamentarians can act with virtual = impunity. Honest John and his cronies bear testimony to the gross = shortcomings of any representative system. As long as electors continue = to flock to the polls and put their faith in representatives who in = reality have very little power, we will continue to be plagued by the = political machinations that are such a feature of political life today. = Although Honest John may be replaced by Honest Kim or even Honest = Cheryl, we will continue to be faced with the same problems, unless = we're willing to become involved in struggles that challenge the = legitimacy of representative rule and raise questions about direct = democracy.


It's official, the New York Dow Jones index has cracked the 7,000 = barrier. Members of the New York Stock Exchange have broken open the = champagne and investors are clutching their share certificates to their = quickening little hearts. Everybody is happy or are they? Listening to = the current crop of economic gurus you'd be forgiven for thinking that = the stock market bubble will never burst. The current bull run of the U.S.A. and Australian market can be almost = solely linked to superannuation payments. Institutional investors own = almost 40% of stock on the U.S. exchange. The vast amounts of wealth = they are able to invest are derived from compulsory superannuation = contributions. The large gap between dividends paid and the cost of a = share can be largely attributed to the inflow of money into the New York = exchange. The speculative nature of the investments and the spurious nature of the = profits being made from this post-modern paper chase will lead to a = crash that will wipeout the superannuation contributions of millions = possibly tens of millions of workers world wide. It's possible just = possible the institutional investor will be left holding a rapidly = diminishing fort while corporate investors cash up and acquire an even = greater property portfolio. No wonder so many investors are beginning = to have second thoughts about the long term viability of the stock = market.


No I'm not having an orgasm, as I tune in to Jeffrey's latest little = "sporting coup." Just think about it, a Victorian "Superleague" = strutting their stuff on the M.C.G. You'd think that by now Jeffrey = would have understood there's more to life than a never ending circus of = third rate sporting events. Who really cares if forty million Japanese = see a Sumo tournament in Melbourne. Listening to Jeffrey and his = cronies you'd think they're all going to jump on jumbo jets and spend, = spend, spend, their old age pensions in Melbourne. Although many Victorians have been blinded by the glitter, many are = beginning to ask who's paying for these circuses. As the collective = hangover dissipates, and as the confetti is swept away, Victorians are = beginning to realise there's a cost attached to all these "coups." What = Jeffrey and his brain dead parliamentary groupies haven't told anybody = is the cost to the taxpayer of this never ending string of tacky second = rate events. That's right folks, the Victorian taxpayer is footing the = bill for Sumo wrestling in Parliament House and the Grand Prix in a = public park. Looks like Jeffrey's little ploy is wearing thin as more and more = Victorians greet his latest sporting "coup" with a yawn. They are = beginning to ask questions about the empty bread basket. If you examine = every major economic indicator in Victoria, you soon realise that = Jeffrey's privatised wonderland is nothing more than a tacky, tawdry = mirage that's creating wholesale misery. No wonder Jeffrey's sporting = coups have taken on a tinge of the bizarre. Sumo wrestling in = Parliament House may be, just may be we'll see the World Naked Mud = Wrestling championships in Jeffrey's backyard.


One thing you can say about the Coalition bullies, when things don't go = their way they'll use every means at their disposal to crush any = resistance to their pathetic sideshow. All week we've seen minister = after minister using questionable tactics to get their own way. John = Sharp, the Federal Minister for Communications has led the pack by = publicly trying to undermine the Federal Safety Aviation Board's = legitimacy because they refuse to step down and be replaced by a board = that is only too willing to do the Minister's bidding. The Media and Communications Minister, Senator Alston has come in = swinging accusing the A.B.C. of political bias, because they dared to = telecast Gough Witlam's inaugural Witlam address to the A.C.T.U. How = dare the A.B.C. run an address by a former Prime Minister of Australia. = As far as he's concerned this is political bias. Not only are the crowd = who think they were born to rule chuffed about Gough's performance, = they're demanding that the Menzies lecture that's to be held in October = be telecast. As the Senator moves off centre stage you can almost hear = him muttering that those Commi Lefties in the A.B.C. need to understand = we provide their funding, if they don't toe the line and put on what we = want they will have to wear the consequences. While Sharp and Alston twist a few arms in the Federal arena, Burbride = the Premier of Queensland is leading his own one man vendetta against = the High Court of Australia. He's upset because the High Court had the = audacity to recognise that indigenous Australians had a right to Native = Title. Now the ungrateful bastards have said that Native Title and = pastoral leases can co-exist on the same piece of dirt. Shame, shame, = shame, these ungrateful members of the ruling class should be marched = out of the club and be made to walk the plank. Drowning is too good for = them! Everywhere both at the State and Federal level we see the Coalition = bullies trying to split heads in their attempts to bring back the good = old days, when people knew their place and were grateful for the crumbs = they received. Fortunately Australians are no longer willing to = tolerate the antics of these throwbacks to an age we would all like to = put behind us.


Q. Why do anarchists want to create an egalitarian society? A. Anarchists don't want to create an egalitarian community for the = glory of god, their race or colour, their Nation State or a leader. = They want to live in such a community for purely selfish reasons. Any = anarchist who tells you they are doing it for altruistic reasons is = deluding themselves. Anarchists realise that individual freedom is dependent on collective = effort. Irrespective of how rich and powerful somebody is, whether they = can enjoy that power and wealth depends on whether they continually need = to look over their shoulder to protect that power and wealth. Economic = inequality breeds insecurity among people who do not have any wealth and = it also breeds insecurity among those who have wealth but need to go to = extraordinary lengths to protect that wealth. Anarchists understand that the only way to have economic security is = through holding property in common and abolishing the concept of private = property. If property is held in common, everybody can enjoy the fruits = of that property and everybody can feel secure in the knowledge that = they are able to share in the wealth that is created through collective = effort. Anarchists want to create such an economic system so that they = are not troubled by the insecurity of falling sick, losing their job, or = falling on hard times. Irrespective of the amount of power you hold over other people, you can = never guarantee your personal security. Just ask Suharto or Pol Pot or = Mussilini or even Hitler how much security they gained from wielding = absolute power. History is littered with the remnants of absolute = rulers whose absolute power led to their ultimate downfall. Anarchists = wish to live in a society where power is shared equally so that they = don't have to be concerned about some individual seizing State power and = imposing their will on them. Although anarchism is essentially a selfish philosophy, paradoxically = it's that very selfishness that fuels an anarchists desire to find = egalitarian solutions that foster security. Anarchists know the = security that's created by collective effort is the very oxygen that's = needed to guarantee individual freedom, that's why they're so keen to = create an egalitarian community.


Faxes, internet, mobile phones, television, radio are forms of = communication that radical activists tend to use today. Just a decade = ago the humble leaflet and poster were the main means of communication = used by anarchist activists. Today most anarchist activists have little = if anytime for leaflets and posters. Although I don't believe that = leafleting (except at demonstrations and picket lines) is an energy = efficient means of communication, posters are another story. It's no accident that corporations are willing to pay tens of thousands = of dollars for the right billboard. It's no accident that political = parties still utilise billboards in their election campaigns. A sharp = witty poster used in the right context and location, can have an impact = way beyond the people who see it. It's a pity so few an anarchist = groups don't use posters to put forward a point of view or advertise an = event. The computer age and photocopiers have made poster production a = relatively easy undertaking. You don't need an expensive multi-coloured = poster to make an impact but you do need a well designed and well = proportioned poster to catch people's attention. Whether we like it or = not, when we produce a poster we're competing in a market place of = events and ideas. Whether people even bother to look at the content = relies to a large degree on how the message is conveyed. Near enough = isn't good enough, why waste precious time and resources producing = something that nobody wants to look at. Work out a design, use a computer to lay out your poster. Once you're = happy with the format enlarge it to A3 size and use a photocopier to = produce the number you need. If you use a black and white photocopier = don't be frightened to use coloured paper. Producing the poster is the = easiest part of the equation. Distributing it is much more difficult. = If you've got the time, try cafes, bookshops and see if they'll display = it for you. If you've got a number of people try pasting it on walls, = notice boards etc. If you don't have the people or resources to distribute your poster, ask = people on your mailing list to do it for you. Either send them a black = and white A4 copy which they can enlarge to A3 and photocopy or send = them 10 or 20 posters to paste up. You'll be amazed at how many people = are willing to do the "hard slog" of pasting up posters for your = particular campaign if you approach them. AUSTRALIAN ANARCHIST HISTORY TWO AUSTRALIAN MEMBERS OF THE I.W.W. HANGED Frank Franz 28 and Ronald Kennedy 20, were hanged on the 20th December = 1916 at Bathurst goal for the murder of Constable George Duncan at = Tottenham in Sydney on the 25th September 1916. Frank Franz and Ronald = Kennedy were accused of gunning down Constable George Duncan when he = tried to arrest them for abusive language. I don't have any information = about the murder but I do know both men were expelled from the I.W.W. = after they were arrested and they were left to their own devices. The murder of Constable Duncan was used as an excuse to launch a = wholesale attack on the I.W.W. The conspiracy to commit arson trials = that eventually led to the imprisonment of 12 members of the Sydney = I.W.W. and the banning of the I.W.W. in 1917 for their anti-conscription = stand can be connected to the government induced hysteria that = surrounded the hanging of these two members of the I.W.W. Considering the indecent haste of the government to execute these men, = the murder occurred on the 25th of September 1916 and they were hung on = the 20th of December 1916 (barely 12 weeks after the murder - some very = important questions can be raised about the type of trial Frank and = Ronald received and about whether they were guilty of the murder. There = seems to be some real doubts about whether Ronald Kennedy was even = involved in the murder, questions have also been raised about whether = Frank Franz was hanged because of his German name, not because he was = guilty of the murder of Constable Duncan. I'm very keen to follow up this forgotten page of Australian I.W.W. = history & would be grateful if anybody has any information on Frank = Franz, Ronald Kennedy, their trial & hanging. If you do either page me = on (03)9828 2856 (leave a contact name & phone number) or write to: = Joseph Toscano C/- A.M.I. PO Box 20 Parkville, 3052. Melbourne = Australia.


It was 6.00 possibly 7.00pm. I'd been working since 8.00 that morning, = trying to grapple with a series of problems that had no possible human = solution. My eyes were sore and my mouth felt as if I'd just kissed = somebody who'd eaten the contents of an ashtray. Once or twice a week I = find myself negotiating the Williamstown end of the West Gate Bridge. = As I make my way across the bridge I sometimes see the sun striking the = Rialto, the Dandenong's in the distance, the mouth of the Yarra and a = flotilla of ships on Port Phillip Bay. If I look down I can see = thousands of seagulls settling on a number of artificial islands that = have been built below the bridge. I've been making the same journey for over fifteen years. Last year a = bunch of cars stopped suddenly and people streamed out, peering over the = side of the bridge. Some one had had enough and had jumped off the = bridge. It happens more commonly than we'd like to believe. I just = couldn't believe it as I climbed higher and higher. Melbourne had = disappeared under a pall of turgid brown smoke. I had difficulty making = out the Rialto, the Dandenong's had disappeared and Port Phillip Bay = looked like a fungus covered swimming pool. Thinking about it even on a = good day the city swims in a pall of smog and the Dandenong's seems to = be getting further and further away. On a bad day the waste products = that are produced by a city of over three million people play a bigger = and bigger role in each of our lives. As I grow older every new day = seems to be worse than the last.


Wow, every day is heaven on earth in Melbourne town, Crown Casino the = 1.6 billion dollar monstrosity that's about to pulsate with human misery = has been blessed by Victoria's gambling authority. In an unexpected = twist Ron Walker and his mates at Crown Casino have been given = permission to open up some gambling tables and install some pokies in = Crown Casino's car park. That's right ladies and gentleman, boys and girls the folks at Crown = Casino are concerned that some of the people who use the Crown Casino = car park may not be in the least bit interested in using the gambling = tables. They may have popped in to see a show or enjoy a meal. Well = the folks at Crown have thought of that. Now that they can install some = of their pleasure machines in the car park. They may be able to tempt a = few more of us to donate our hard earned pennies to Ron and his mates. = What more can I say than life's heaven on earth in Melbourne Town. Joseph Toscano/Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society. =09 I HAD A DREAM

I dreamt I was invited to a party and I became so intoxicated with = enthusiasm that I could cry. Could it be that I would have someone to = look after my future life - like in the good old days when we had = unions. After all it was the unions who won through all our working = conditions and have protected us to present day? Then when I arrived at the party, I saw a group of people huddled = together waiting for 'their' newly appointed union leader. When he = arrived I welcomed him with everyone and he told us where and what type = of work we'd all be doing. At the end of the week I received my pay and = rushed home to pay my bills, buy some food and so on. I also paid my loan to the banks. After a few months I realised that not = only was I struggling financially but I was becoming bored with my = repetitive job. When I asked my union boss about a wage rise and a = different job, he replied sorry mate - I'll ask the boss. When he = returned he told me that they would have a meeting to see what could be = done. But the boss wasn't really concerned. Then I realised that I left = the labour force before because I wished to work for myself and at the = type of work I liked. Then I realised I wasn't having a dream but a = nightmare. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever = was. Michael/Anarchist

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