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Tue, 25 Feb 1997 13:36:46 +0000 (GMT)

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We, Turkish and Kurdish anarchists who live in Britain, first would like to express very briefly some of the weaknesses such as lack of co-ordination, communication and solidarity that we see in the British anarchist movement which either we are part of or trying to take part in. Then we will put forward our suggestions and opinions, again very briefly.

We think that the British anarchist movement is at the moment in a situation in which it is disorganized and atomized, and it has no aims nation-wide. And except the Anarchist Bookfair which is organized every year and gradually becoming monotonous, we do not see each other, we do not communally inform each other, let alone DIRECTING OUR FORCES TOWARD MUTUAL AIMS. We know that there are SOME friends out there who try to do this. However, we also know that this is not enough. Everything goes on by itself. We are lost in the labyrinths the capitalist system has consciously and purposely has created. We think that British anarchists have come near the point at which they exist without sufficient communication and will-power, while they continually oppose the extreme centralism of Marxists. We all know that the elections are coming. Is it not necessary for us all to agree upon a policy in order to act NATION-WIDE against such a NATION-WIDE event? But we do nothing. We seem to be quite comfortable in our little caves.

The lack of communication and solidarity among the anarchists affect most us, that is, anarchists who come from other parts of the world. Although we try hard to become involved as much as we could in the anarchist movement, we have not been too successful to integrate into it. We already experience among our own society, which is under the hegemony of Marxism and Liberalism, the invitable alienation. What a bitter experience this is! "Exile life is as grey as English weather." Anyway... It is not our intention here to moan but to persuade you our comrades.

We invite all groups, organizations, initiatives, individuals, etc, in the movement to organize an anarchist conference to discuss what has been said in this letter as well other points which we could not mention here in order to arrive ar certain conclusions, most importantly, to create an information centre, and even organize and form an anarchist confederation which would be composed of local as well as national anarchist groups and organizations, and which would be dependent upon those groups' and organizations' self-control and absolute autonomy. The call is from ours, to organize this would be your task. Because we know that considering our own lack of communication we the 5th May Group are not suitable for the job. The FIRST THREE groups, organizations, or individuals who would reply to this message positevely will organize the FIRST PREPARATORY COMMITTEE OF THE CONFERENCE. Our task as a group is to get these three groups, organizations, or individuals meet each other. With other groups, organizations, or individuals, this committee can later be expanded by the very people who have first started the initiative. WE would like you all to discuss this and other matters we have mentioned in this letter and send all your replies to the address below.

In solidarity, 5th MAY GROUP 24.02.97.

Contact address: ---------------- Hakan Calbayram William Morris Tower 10/13 The University of Essex Wivenhoe Park Colchester CO4 3SQ E N G L A N D

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