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Tues, 25 Feb 1997 09.41 GMT

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Sunday 19th January saw the launch by The Sexual Freedom Coalition (SFC) of their National Petition and Sex Pride 97. This campaign is their most ambitious to date and centres on a=20 petition? enlitled 'Sex Please, We're British?, calling for a Sexual Freedom Bill to be included in the first sitting of the next parliament. ---------------------------------------------------------- MORE ON GREAT BRITAIN? http://www.tao.ca/ainfos/search.html ---------------------------------------------------------

While the thought of parliamentary legislation may not be exactly thrilling to many of us, the Bill is not a pathetic call for rights, as is often the case in libertarian lobbying, but a demand for the repeal of all laws prohibiting consenting sexual activity, the abolition of censorship and the standardisation of the age of consent for all sexualities. The likelihood for the success of this Bill being passed is not high (though touchingly its exact wording is being carefully debated to maximise its effetiveness) but at the very least it should succeed in raising the issues within public consciousness.

The petition is to be handed in to the new Home Secretary following a joint SFC and Sex Pride rally from Soho Square to the Home Oif=EFce. Sex Pride is a sister organisation to the SFC and represents sex workers in their struggle for recognition and fight with the authorities.

The rally will take the form of a sex carnival, whlch amongst its many erotic attractions will include a brothel on a float and will end with an exotic party at a nearby location for SFC members and their guests. The proposed date for the event is currently 28th June, supposing a May election.

It is hoped that it will be this campaign that gets the Coalition's name on the map and sets it on course for even greater projects. The possibility of intcrnational campaigns is currently being considered.

At the launch Tuppy Owens (a founder member), resplendent in the Phrygian cap of the libertarian revolutionary, declared the SFC to be "a secret international conspiracy to sexually liberate the world, whether it wanted it or not."

In reality the SFC is a pan-political campaign co-ordinator, dependent on the will of its members for its direction. At present several of these are active anarchists (though not nearly enough) and its current internal debates will shape its future form. Whether they remain a radically oriented group or decline into just another reformist pressure group will depend on these debates and the success of the current campaign. =20

Prometheus Rex=20 The Sexual Freedom Coalitzon (SFC) can be contacted at: PO Box 4ZB, London WIA 4ZB.=20

FREEDOM PRESS INTERNATIONAL =20 http://tao.ca/~freedom

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