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EAST MIDLANDS ANARCHIST BULLETIN No. 33 Free/Donation February 1997 Published by East Midlands Anarchist Network Box EMAB, 88, Abbey St., Derby. ----------------------------- EDITORIAL

Ecological linked resistance and issues are very much to the fore at present. The brave actions of the tunnel dwellers at the A30 Honiton - Exeter bypass deserve our support and encouragement. Not all of us have what it takes to put life and limb at risk of being buried alive at the bottom of a forty foot hole.

Comrades from the East Midlands were present at the Newbury Reunion on January 11th which saw frustration and anger boil over into violence against road developer's equipment and property. The ALF are continuing their terrorist campaign against meat producers, vivisectors, medical researchers and hunt related premises. Green Anarchist Magazine meanwhile call for "the destruction of civilisation" on their journal masthead.

We would like to initiate a debate among our readers about the morality or lack of it involved in violent actions. We do not believe a Libertarian Society can evolve from such violent acts. The Jan. 25th incendiary attack against Buxsted Fresh Quality Poultry at Brackley, Northamptonshire potentially endangers human life, and therefore cannot be justified. Some of us desire a heightened level of civilisation, not its destruction. Cities are places where people live and co-operate. Appropriately sized, resourced and sustainable cities are places where human beings can grow and develop their individuality and sociability. The first cities were often places of great beauty and creativity. Something to be cherished not destroyed.

Bombings and Incendiary attacks close down politics and debate. To quote some Australian comrades 'You can't blow up a social relationship'. The total collapse of this society would provide no guarantee about what replaced it. Unless a majority of people had the ideas and organisation sufficient for the creation of an alternative society, we would see the old world reassert itself because it is what people would be used to, what they believed in that existed unchallenged in their own personalities'.

It is not possible to conduct a debate with bombs and=20 incendiary devices. Such actions produce a knee jerk reaction of repression and closed minds which condemns all Anarchist=20 ideas in the wider public's mind.=20

NEWBURY UPDATE Jan 11th 1997

This Saturday saw the end of a long cold spell not seen in England and Wales for some time now. The slow thaw put the ground in a sorry state with a thin layer of mud on still frozen earth. Luckily the site where the reunion was to be held was on grass in a field at Speen, Newbury.

We had traaelled down with the Veggie Wagon and this grassy area was much appreciated. Quickly we set up stalls to feed and refresh the many hungry mouths. Though sales were poor as we arrived late and our competitors gained at Rainbow's expense, there was never any animosity anywhere in this trade of vegan food. May it aIways be so.=20

Three of us circulated among the crowd of about 500 selling cold drinks and vegan food which, maybe because of the raw and murky day, we sold slowly. .As we moved about among the good natured crowd we renewed old aquaintances and made new friends. Jugglers, fire eaters and at least one person in an animal tiger suit entertained us with their antics.=20

How many speakers there were I never did find out. Tony Benn was prominent. His oratorial skills came in handy for him as there was no sound system working. What he actually said I could not hear, only something about Scargill being right...and when the government has finished with the miners jobs they will come for yours... Well you can't disagree with him there. History has established that much. Will we never learn? Soon after Benn's speech the people all crowded out of the gateway on to the road leading to the construction site. Quickly folllowing with our wares hoping to renew our sales. we soon learnt our mistake. Obviously we would not be selling anything here. Activists earlier had broken through the fence to get onto the roadworks. The focal point here was a magnificent oak tree with a huge canopy of branches. Apparently the last tree on the route - symbol of all that is good. Demonstrators joined hands in a huge circle around our oak. Others climbed aloft among its bare and slippery limbs.=20

Eventually the group up the tree and the cluster at the bowl drifted away to the nearby underpass construction. This consisted of a large excavation in the flinty Berkshire ground, sixty feet deep if it was an inch, probably three hundred yards diameter. Across from us was a main road separated from the works by a wire security fence where stood a line of about forty police persons who would have a good view of future events. Bless 'em.=20

At the bottom of this huge hole stood a crane skeletal jib high in the air. About twenty security personnel stood around this machine. Suddenly en mass we swept down the muddy slopes and swamped the machine's guardians who after a brief struggle scrambled up the slopes on command of retreat from their boss in the red helmet. Already some guys had actually climbed to the top of the jib of the crane and our previous entertainer was feverishly, literally spitting out long flames from his mouth. A very spectacular performance in the ever increasing gloom.=20

Meanwhile the Gab of the crane was being systematically wrecked by various masked individuals. There was a moment's panic when a gas cylinder was found to be leaking but some quick thinking person turned it off. Up until now not one copper had tried to interfere with us. No doubt because they were hopelessly outnumbered. The pyrotechnics had now to be abandoned. Scrambling down from his lofty perch our intrepid entertainer quickly melted into the mass of people below. By this time a portacabin which served as an office cum rest area for the workers was being peacefully occupied by demonstrators, as were two huge yellow earth moving machines that stood on site. The sound of breaking glass quickly escalated as the windows of these much hated yellow perils were broken; these mechanical nightmares responsible for much of the legalised devastation of our countryside. A boy of about twelve years of age was rash enough to let a policeman see him throw a stone at a window. Immediately he was arrested and as quickly released by the crowd only yet again to be grabbed by this lone copper who put up quite a struggle to keep hold of his prey. Eventually the forces of law and order won the tussle but it took six of them.=20

This incident, I believe, contributed to the hostility people had anyway. The firing of the portacabin and machines happened soon after by person or persons unknown - as it should be.=20

When one considers tnat these giant tools have caused so much environmental destruction. the =A3300,000 worth of damage was but a drop in the ocean in comparison. Further, according to NottFinn l,000 people up until Autumn of '96 had been arrested and 21 imprisoned up until that time. Protestors have been hospitalised and their personal belongings trashed. Not counting the cost to the tax payer. The state and its business friends have all done very well so far, thank you very much.=20

In the very near future there will be more conflict, I fear, between environmentalists, the State and big business. Watch out for Style's second runway at Manchester Airport. Remember we told you first. =20

Your Man in the Last Tree

FREEDOM PRESS INTERNATIONAL =20 http://tao.ca/~freedom

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