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This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

For starters [News of WSM activities]

WE ENTERED 1997 with a couple of good reasons for =

optimism. The defeat of the water charges and the =

French lorry drivers' victory showed that direct =

action can deliver the goods. We don't have to sit =

around passively waiting to be sold out by some =

politician or by a union official on a salary five =

times as high as our wages. To move from opposing =

things (like low pay, service charges, cutbacks, =

unemployment...) to fighting for a better way of =

running society we can point to the victories won as =

proof that ordinary people are quite capable of =

overcoming what appear to be stronger forces. =

What is missing, for most people, is the idea that =

real change is possible. We need a lot more of our =

readers to join with us in explaining the anarchist =

idea and showing that with the methods of direct =

democracy and militant action we can take on the task =

of ending the rule of the millionaires. If you like =

what we say you have a role to play. Write to us for =

more information, take an extra copy of Workers =

Solidarity and show it to a friend, come to our =

meetings. =


When the trade union leaderships rushed - with almost =

indecent haste - into a ballot on 'Partnership 2000' =

(the latest three year deal to tie workers to the =

interests of employers and government) without =

allowing the opposition point of view to be put to =

members in most unions, WSM activists in the unions =

joined with others to produce thousands of leaflets =

putting the case for rejection. =

Beyond the immediate campaign against this deal a =

rank & file movement strong enough and confident =

enough to remain independent of the union leaders and =

willing to openly defy the anti-union laws is needed. =

It won't be built overnight but there is no time like =

the present for getting people thinking on these =

lines. Anarchists will be there arguing for =

libertarian structures, for participatory democracy =

and for the anarchist alternative to the present =


In January we participated in an anarchist contingent =

at the 25th anniversary Bloody Sunday march in Derry. =

We did this, along with the anarcho-syndicalists of =

the 'Organise!' group for two reasons. Firstly, we =

will not forget the slaughter of civil rights =

marchers and the subsequent attempt of the British =

government to whitewash their killers. Secondly, =

until an anti-sectarian working class movement =

emerges as a major force in the six counties Orange =

and Green politicians will keep the working class =

divided and passive. It is extremely important to =

show that there is anti-imperialist alternative to =

nationalism and communal politics. =

We also helped to stage a national tour with an =

exhibition and meetings marking the 60th anniversary =

of the Spanish Revolution, which explained the =

positive achievements of the anarchists before they =

were overwhelmed by the combined strength of Franco's =

army on one front and the pro-Stalin Communist Party =

on another. An excellent account of that inspiring =

struggle can be found in the pamphlet The Spanish =

Civil War: Anarchism in Action by Eddie Conlon (=A32.00 =

post free from the WSM).

In recent months we have increased the print order =

for our Anarchist News bulletin, thousands were =

distributed in the anti-water charges campaign and =

during the bail referendum. With our present small =

membership and scarce resources (Ben Dunne forgot to =

slip us a bundle of tenners, again!) we are getting =

the anarchist message to more people. With more =

members we could achieve a lot more. We hope you =

will want to help to promote the anarchist =

alternative; find out more about us and then consider =

joining the Workers Solidarity Movement.

------------------------------------------------ This article is from the Irish Anarchist Paper =

Workers Solidarity, No 50 Spring 1997

The whole issue and previous issues can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2724/anpubdx.html

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