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National March on Philadelphia!



Pam Africa, Int'l Concerned Family=20 -and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal Iris Baez, Anthony Baez Foundation, Bronx, NY Dennis Banks, American Indian Movement Noam Chomsky, political analyst Alice Walker, Author Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General Leslie Feinberg, Author, Transgendered Activist Juan Jose Gutierrez, One Stop Immigration Center, LA, CA Pride at Work, National Org. for Lesbian, Gay,=20 -Bisexual and Transgender Labor Michio Kaku, Professor Theoretical Physics, CCNY Garry Murchison, Pres. USWA 8751, Boston=20 -School Bus Drivers & Monitors* Rafael Cancel Miranda, Fmer Puerto=20 -Rican Political Prisoner Casey Kasem, TV & Radio Personality Gloria La Riva, National People's Campaign Anya Mukarji-Connolly, Center for Women's=20 -Concerns, SUNY Stonybrook, NY Public Revolutionary Organization, Hostos=20 -Community College, Bronx, NY Olivia Burlingame, Education Not=20 -Domination (END)*, New School, NYC Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO, Pastors for Peace Dottie Stevens, VP Nat'l Welfare Rights Union Mary Tong, Director, Support Ctt Maquiladora Workers Howard Zinn, Historian and others

Call on you to join the National March in Philadelphia for Jobs,=20 Justice & People's Needs-- Say NO to Racism, Repression & Poverty

SUNDAY APRIL 27, 1:00 P.M.

President Clinton, ex-Presidents Bush, Carter, Ford, General Colin=20 Powell, and the most powerful figures in the political and economic=20 establishment are holding a sham "Summit for the American Futu " in Philadelphia on April 27 to promote "volunteerism." This summit=20 is a fig leaf to cover up their plans to destroy our social programs.=20 The "future" they foresee looks more like the 19th century a time when there was no Social Security, no food stamps, no Medicare=20 or Medicaid, no Aid to Families with Dependent Children, no=20 disability insurance -- in short, no government social programs at=20 all.=20

In the richest country in the world, the only "safety net" would once=20 again be private charity, which never could - and never will - meet=20 the needs of the people. Just ask any charitable organizati and their volunteers who are trying to feed, house or in any way=20 assist the thousands in need of these services. Overextended and=20 underfunded, these organizations are trying to do their best. But=20 is like emptying the ocean with a slotted spoon. Imagine how it will=20 be when the full effects of the new welfare "reform" take their toll.=20

Substituting charity and volunteerism for government programs is part=20 of the corporate privatization drive. It threatens the jobs of=20 millions of federal, state and municipal workers, and is aimed a weakening and destroying public sector unions. This summit is=20 carefully crafted propaganda to put a "human face" on the federal=20 government's sweeping attacks on the majority of people.

It is Phase Two of the Contract on America, now embraced by the White=20 House and Congress. The assaults upon basic rights and social gains=20 are being justified by demonizing poor and working people w h racist and anti-poor stereotypes. The government plans to offer=20 young people "volunteerism and community service," instead of jobs.=20 The real aim is to cut education and affirmative action=20 programs, while building more and more prisons.

We call upon all who oppose this anti-people course to join together=20 in Philadelphia on Sunday, April 27, in a mass march to defend our=20 future against the designs of corporate America and their loyal politicians. We will march for jobs, justice and people's needs, and=20 to say NO to racism, repression and poverty!

It is time to build a new people's movement! It is time to say no to=20 "lesser evil" politics! We can't wait on the sidelines hoping for=20 "damage control" from the Clinton administration, which did much of the damage in the first place. There is no time to "wait and=20 see" when millions of people are being thrown off welfare; millions=20 of children are in poverty; immigrants are being attacked;=20 wokers everywhere live in fear of downsizing; women, the elderly,=20 students and youth live in a state of permanent insecurity; the=20 lesbian/gay/bi/trans community is under assault; disabled people face=20 devastating cutbacks in SSI; corporate and government union busting=20 is the order of the day.

We will march in Philadelphia because Washington's racist policy=20 stands for more prisons, harsher punishments, expanding the death=20 penalty and more police to brutalize people of color. The cases of umia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Geronimo Pratt and the Puerto Rican=20 political prisoners embody the struggle against racist and political=20 repression. Churches are burned; the CIA puts drugs in the=20 ack and Latino communities. We will demand: "Schools & Jobs, Not=20 Jails -- Dismantle the CIA, now!"

We will march in Philadelphia because Medicaid is on the chopping=20 block and Wall Street is trying to hijack Social Security. Social=20 services, AIDS funding and public housing are being sacrificed on he altar of the "balanced budget." Affirmative action is being=20 abandoned, Native American sovereignty is being further infringed,=20 anti-Asian violence is increasing, women's abortion clinics are bei bombed, same sex marriage is condemned, the environment is being=20 destroyed. We will demand: "Put people's needs before corporate=20 profits

We will march in Philadelphia to protest handing over hundreds of=20 billions of dollars to the Pentagon for military intervention around=20 the world, from Cuba to Korea to the Middle East. While social nd economic needs go unmet, one trillion dollars is projected to pay=20 for thousands of new and deadlier joint Strike Fighters. We will=20 demand: "Dismantle the Warfare State."

We must break the corporate stranglehold on politics in Washington by=20 reviving the spirit of mass struggle. Civil rights to Social=20 Security, union rights to welfare -- these rights were won in the=20 reets, campuses and workplaces.

The fight for our future begins now! Build the movement! Be in=20 Philadelphia April 27!

Endorsers List (in formation & not in any kind of order)

Edward Asner Alice Walker, Author Ronald L. Kuby, Attorney United American Indians of New England=20 Jim Casteris, Pres. Boston Vets for Peace* Pam Africa, International Concerned Family &=20 Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal Casey Kasem, TV & Radio Personality Noam Chomsky Rafael Cancel Miranda, Former Puerto=20 Rican Political Prisoner Garry Murchison, President USWA 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers and Monitors* Michio Kaku, Professor Theoretical Physics at CCNY Juan Jose Gutierrez, One Stop Immigration and Education Center, Los Angeles, CA Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO, Pastors for Peace Father Luis Barrios, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, NYC William Mason, Workfairness, NYC National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, NYC Pride at Work, National Org. for Lesbian, Gay,=20 Bisexual and Transgender Labor Marion Greene, LEF Foundation, CA Reverend Butch Gamarra, St. Stephens, Boston, CA Wellesley Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders &=20 Friends, Wellesley College, MA WONDER: Wellesley Organization for National Drug Enforcement Reform, MA All Peoples Congress,=20 Houston, TX; Baltimore, MD; Rochester, NY Pat Tucker, Co-Chair, East New York Urban=20 Youth Core, Tenant Council Anthony Baez Foundation, Bronx, NY Ed Childs, Chief Shop Steward, Local 26 Harvard, HERE* Professor Richard C. Lewontin, Harvard University Rosario Morales, Puerto Rican writer Dennis Banks, American Indian Movement Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General A Slice of Rice-Asian gay/lesbian/bi/trans=20 youth, Boston, MA Piri Thomas, Puerto Rican poet/writer Jean McGuire, former treasurer Boston School Committee, Co-Chair Million Man March Education Committee Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author, Anti-racist Activist Leslie Feinberg, Author, Transgender Activist Judy Greenspan, HIV/AIDS in Prison Project, Oakland Luis Talamantez, Prison Activist, Pelican Bay=20 Information Project Sharon Ceci, shop steward, UFCW, Local 27*, Balto., MD Panthers United for Revolutionary Education,=20 Texas Death Row Andre Powell, Board of Trustees, AFSCME=20 Local 112, Council 92*, Balt., MD Monica Moorehead, 1996 Presidential=20 Candidate, Workers World Party Consuela Lee, Jazz Pianist, Composer Dan Macallair, Ctr on Juvenile & Criminal Justice*, SF Bob Apter, Local Union Rep., UAW 6000*, Detroit, MI David Sole, President UAW Local 2334*, Detroit, Mi Joan Brown, Mothers Against Destruction*,=20 Benton Harbor, MI Minister Malik El Shabazz, New Marcus=20 Garvey Movement*, MI Linda Waters Richardson, Black United=20 Fund*, Philadelphia, PA Father Paul Washington, Rector Emeritus, Church=20 of the Advocate, Phila., PA Wilfredo Rojas, National Congress for Puerto=20 Rican Rights*, Phila., PA Roger Zeppernick, Dir. Centro Pedro=20 Clavel*, Philadelphia, PA Universal Contact Center Church, Detroit, MI Free Mumia Coalition/Anti Racist Action,=20 Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI Pan African Students Union, Detroit Dottie Stevens, VP National Welfare Rights Union, Pres. Mass Welfare Rights Union Dorsey Nunn, Violence Prevention Coalition, S.F., CA Rachel Nasca, AFSCME 3650*, Harvard University GALAEI, Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Education=20 Initiative, Philadelphia, PA Douglas Butler, VP Greater Boston A.=20 Philip Randolph Institute* Mary Tong, Director, Support Committee=20 for Maquiladora Workers, San Diego Steven Kirschbaum, VP USWA 8751-Boston=20 School Bus Drivers, Coordinating=20 Comm. ,Archdale Roslindale Coalition* Howard Zinn, Historian Professor Dennis Brutus, Black Studies=20 Department, University of Pittsburgh Frances 'Sissy' Farenthold, attorney, Houston, TX Pat Nichols, Houston Peace Forum*, TX Minister Robert Muhammad, National of Islam, Houston, TX Queer Nation, Houston, TX Suffolk Welfare Warriors, NY AFSCME, Local 82, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee Bill Koenen, Environmental Activist, Member=20 Sokaogon ChippewaCommunity, Mole Lake, WI Parents Against Police Brutality, Bronx, NY FMLN-Farabundo Marti Nat'l Liberation Front, SF, CA Kevin Horwitz, Transgender activist, San Diego, CA David Silva, One Stop Immigration Center,=20 Coordinadora '96*, Sunnyside, WA Lillian Hensen, San Diego Welfare Warriors Susan E. Davis, editor, Women Under Attack:=20 Victory, Backlash and the Fight=20 for Reproductive Freedom Mike Wilson, Vice President Local 966 IBT*, NYC State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, Georgia Tyree Scott, IBEW Local 46*, Seattle, WA Professor Richard Levins, Harvard University,=20 School of Public Health Disabled Peoples Liberation Front, Boston, MA Welfare Poets Yuri Kochiyama, Malcolm X Commemoration Committee*, NYC International Action Center, NYC, S.F., LA International Peace For Cuba Appeal Tony & Lois Edgerton, American Friends Service Committee*, Cleveland Gavrielle Gemma, Organizer Local 100 NYC, HERE* Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Public Revolutionary Organization, Hostos=20 Community College, Bronx, NY John Black, President Emeritus, Lo. 1199P,=20 Nat'l. Union of Hospital Wkers Anya Mukarji-Connolly, Center for Women's=20 Concerns, SUNY Stonybrook, NY Olivia Burlingame, Education Not=20 Domination (END)*, New School, NYC Food Not Bombs, S.F., CA Allen Parkway Village Tenants Resident Council, Houston Committee to Support Texas Death Row Prisoners, Houston Phila. All Peoples Congress/National Peoples Campaign House of Mercy, Rochester, NY Bill 'Grandpa Bear' Swanson, Jr., AIM, Conf.=20 Of Autonomous Chptrs. Buffalo, NY MacCanon Brown, Dir., Repairers of the Breach, Milwaukee Don Timmerman, Casa Maria Catholic Worker*, Milwaukee Stan Yasaitis, Pres., AFSCME Local 82, Milwaukee Lesbian Avengers of Great Barrington, MA Midwest Headquarters, Earth First!, Madison, WI Dorothy Argyros, Monmouth NJ Coalition for the Homeless DARE, Direct Action for Rights & Equality, Providence, RI Edwin Lewinson, Seton Hall, NJ Joe Miller, Philadelphia Philadelphia Area African Nat'l Congress Freedom Ctte Tom Ammiano, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco U.S.-Cuba Labor Exchange Dave Welsh, Exec. V.P., National Association of=20 Letter Carriers, Branch 214 Bob Simpson, Philadelphia South Jersey Campaign for Peace and Justice Together Toward Peace (West Chester=20 University, West Chester PA) Pamela Gilmore, Income Rights Project, Inc., S.F., CA Joe Piette, Shop Steward, NALC Br. 157*, Philadelphia Minister Don Muhammad, Nation of Islam, Boston Professor Ruth Hubbard, Harvard University Haiti Support Network, NYC Professor George Wald, Harvard University National Union of Homeless, Philadelphia, PA Michael Parenti, author San Diego Friends of Cuba, CA Rev. Don Jacobs, Cleveland 611 Pennsylvania Ave Tenant Council, East NY, Brooklyn=20 Gloria La Riva, National Peoples Campaign, SF Susanne Kelly, Past Pres. Virginia Nat'l=20 Education Association=20 Kathleen Geathers, chairperson, Women for=20 Racial & Economic Equality, Cleveland Judith Botwin, President, Women Speak Out for=20 Peace & Justice, Cleveland Area=20 Affiliate of Womens International=20 League for Peace & Freedom* Germantown Womens International League=20 for Peace & Freedom, Phila., PA Terry Gilbert, Attorney, Cleveland, OH Roy Kaufman, Attorney, Cleveland, OH Emergency Committee to Stop Anti-Gay Police Violence, LA Feminist Women's Health Center, Chico, CA Denver-Havana Friendship/Sister Cities Project, CO Rosa Penate, FMLN, S.F., CA Merlin Luce, Solidarity Club*, Youngstown, OH Ben Dupuy, Co-Dir., Haiti Progres, Spokesperson=20 Nat'l. Popular Assembly (APN), Haiti Moses Ballon, President AFSCME Local 2254,=20 Jersey City Medical Center* Donald Wilson, President Minority Contractors and Coalitionof Trade Workers Trade=20 Association-New Jersey Chapter John Jones, Chairperson All Peoples Congress, Jersey City Anuradha Mittal, Policy Director, Institute=20 for Food and Development Policy Susana Saravia-Ugarte (Anibarro), Nueva Amanecer=20 Press, WA David Acosta, Poet, Writer and Activist, Phila., PA Rosemarie Hill, Shop Steward, CWA 13500*, Philadelphia Barbara Lubin, Middle East Children's Alliance Cuba Support Coalition, Philadelphia, PA CISPES, Committee in Solidarity with the=20 People of El Salvador, S.F., CA Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Coordinator, Healing Global Wounds, Boulder Creek, CA Rev. Eugene Adams, UUA, Minister emeritus, Boston, MA Letta Neeley, writer, Queer activist, Boston, MA Jan Cannavan, Irish Women's Studies=20 Program, Boston California Prison Focus PTD/Dominican Workers Party, NYC Doret Kollerer, North Coast Express, Occidental, CA Cristina Gutierrez, Compa=F1eros del Barrio Martha Grevatt, Co-vice Chair, Pride at Work*, National Organization for Lesbian, Gay,=20 Bisexual, Transgender Labor A Job is a Right Campaign, Milwaukee, WI Sisters by Choice, WI James Cameron, author, Museum Director, Sole living survivor of KKK lynching Emergency Women's Action Committee, LA, NYC Artists Against the Contract, NYC Middle East Childrens Alliance, S.F., CA San Francisco Liberation Radio LaCASA, Greater Boston, MA Heather Gray, Bd. Mem, Southern Organizing Cttee. (SOC)* Jon Howard, City Coimmissioner, Albany, GA* Georgia Death Penalty Abolitionists Lorenzo Ervin, Ad Hoc Coalition Against Racism*, =20 Chattanooga, TN Los Alamos Study Group, Santa Fe, NM Bruce Anderson, editor & publisher, Boonville, CA Western PA Comm. to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Wilkinsburg Fuerza de la Revolucion, NYC Gary Washington, Comm. Forum, WRFG Radio, Atlanta, GA* Damon McGee, Organizer, Black Autonomy=20 International, Atlanta, GA* Vicki McLennan, National Organization for=20 Women-NOW, Georgia* Tonantzin, (Boston Committee in Support of=20 Native Peoples of Mexico) Industrial Workers of the World, Philadelphia, PA GMB State Senator Vincent Hughes, PA Angel Ortiz, Philadelphia City Council Janice Jordan, San Diego Peace & Freedom Party Robin McCubbin, faculty advisor, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Union, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA San Diego Peoples Video Network

* For Identification Only

If you want to join the march, endorse or become a mobilization=20 center get in touch with us!=20

Initiated by: National People's Campaign 39 West 14 Street, Room 206, New York, NY 10011 212 633-6646 212 633-2889 fax Temp email iacenter@iacenter.org

Under Construction: http://www.peoplescampaign.org/ When the web page is up and running please link to yours!

Philadelphia: 215 724-1618

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