(En) anarchist bookshop burnt down

Francois Coquet (Francois.Coquet@univ-rennes1.fr)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 15:13:00 +0100

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Warning : please be indulgent for the possibly weak English in what follows. The matter is urgent and important, so I had to translate quickly, which involves some chance in the process.


On Sunday, February 17th, at 4 a.m., Lyon's bookshop "La Plume Noire" was burnt down.


Two oil jerricans were lit in the bookshop and in the exit corridor of the attenant block. The fire grew immediately and it would have resulted in numerous dead people ifever the firemen had been less efficient.

The bookshop is destroyed.


On Saturday, the Lyon groups of the French Anarchist Federation demonstrated in favour of our weekly, Le Monde Libertaire. As you may know from previous posts, Le Monde Libertaire is sued by the National Front (extreme-right wing) because of a picture that did not please Jean-Marie Le Pen.

In the very evening, bookshop La Plume Noire, which is the Lyon bookshop of the French Anarchist Federation, was overlaied with sticks from the Youth organization of the National Front.

In the night, the fire...


The reaction is organizing ! -----------------------------

Gathering this evening at 6 p.m., place Bellecour, Lyon.

Meeting in what's left of the bookshop on Wednesday 19th at 8 p.m., 19 rue Pierre Blanc , LYON.

Demonstration on Saturday, 3 p.m. place Bellecour.

Solidarity is organizing ! ---------------------------

You can already send solidarity messages (and money...) to

La Plume Noire 19, rue Pierre Blanc 69001 LYON FRANCE

Pease warn us of any initiative of yours !

We will have you informed of the forthcoming events.

Francois COQUET, for the International Relationship of French Anarchist Federation

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