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Sun, 16 Feb 1997 12:18:32 GMT

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JOB CENTRE OCCUPATION ENTERS THIRD DAY -----------------------------

In Paris about 100 unemployed, employed and contract workers responding to calls from AC!, APEIS, CdSL, Droits devants and SUD which were supported by CFDT-ANPE and the CNT have been occupying the local branch of the ANPE (National Employment Agency) since Wednesday 12th Feb. at Griset, in the 11th district of Paris. Their demands are for negotiations with the Employment Ministry concerning minimum rights for the unemployed.

This action takes place in a framework of a national movement to occupy the branches of the ANPE which began in Rouen (instigated by AC!) on 27th January. After five days the forces of 'law and order' evicted the occupiers only to see them reoccupy on February 7th. In Le Havre on the 12th and Bordeaux on the 13th more branches of ANPE were occupied by unemployed, contract workers and ordinary workers. The movement is spreading outside the Paris region and the demands are:

- the right to assemble (the provision of a meeting place) and the right to put up posters in all branches of ANPE and ASSEDIC. - free access to the means of finding work in the ANPE branches (fax, telephone, minitel, photocopiers and computers) - free access to transport - the right of unemployed and workers groups to attend meetings where their future is at issue.

>Direction De'partementale de l'ANPE occupe'e
>1, cite' Griset, 75011 Paris
>Tel: 01 43 55 18 53 / Fax: 01 43 55 08 33
>AC! (Agir ensemble contre le Cho^mage!)
>42, rue d'Avron
>75020 Paris
>Tel/Fax: 01 40 09 27 49
>E-Mail : ac@ras.eu.org

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