(en) Bulldozers Retreat From Otway Forest Protest (Australia)

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Wed, 05 Feb 1997 13:46:10 GMT

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February 4, 1997 7:00PM


After four days of blockading, over 20 heroic local residents have succeeded in pressuring the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) into removing logging equipment from Wild dog track in the Otway State forest in Victoria, Australia. "Despite 14 arrests on Monday, residents were determined to return today and set up a new blockade," said spokesperson for OREN Simon Birrell. "Only a few trees were felled along the bush walking track today before logging again came to a sudden halt."

"Police where sent from Melbourne and arrived at midday to arrest more residents. However the DNRE decided that they had had enough for the day and drove a bulldozer and logloader out of Wild dog to find other forest to log. Meanwhile there is still one bulldozer at Wild dog track. People from this area will maintain a vigil. Locals will camp here for the next few days to watch the site."

"We have still have no real confirmation from the department that logging will be halted and we are still determined to stop Kimberly Clark from turning our walking track into Kleenex toilet paper"

"The Apollo Bay Land Care group will be holding a open day at Wild dog track this Saturday at 1PM and we invite all concerned members of the public to attend," finish Mr. Birrell.

O t w a y s R a n g e s E n v i r o n m e n t N e t w o r k An affilliation of Otway's residents, regional and Victorian conservation groups and campus conservation networks

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DO NOT assume that any act of damage to logging equipment or logging infrastructure is done by conservationists or members of anti - logging groups. - Victorian Police (internal memo)


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