(en) NYC Squat eviction/demolition

Mon, 10 Feb 1997 23:03:39 GMT

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New York City Demolishes Building with Squatter Still Inside! (update and corrections) At 3:30 on Sunday February 9, 1997 a fire broke out in a second floor apartment at 5th Street Squat. No people were injured although 2 dogs died in the fire. Damage to the building was limited to an area of less than 20% of the building and didn't affect the structural integrity of the building. The Department of Housing Preservation (HA!) and Development issued an emergency demolition order without doing any inspection. Residents of the squat were given some personal possesions on Monday morning. As demolition began at approximately 1:00 pm police were notified that people were still inside the building. A call was recieved at Blackout Books from a building resident saying he was hiding inside the building. The noise of the demolition equipment could be heard in the background. Police refused to stop the demolition equipment which had already began tearing of portions of the 6th floor until one squatter emerged on the roof. Police Emergency squads entered the building but could not locate the squatter hiding inside. Demolition was resumed and once again the squatter appeared on the roof. Lawyers representing the squat went to court to ask for an order to halt the demolition and a hearing was scheduled for 3:00 pm. Representatives of the city took two hours to show up in court aparently getting lost during the 5 minute walk and while the building was being demolished.


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