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Mon, 10 Feb 1997 18:46:09 GMT

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Hi all

This is to inform yous all that version 4.0 of the Anarchist FAQ has now been released. This version has the following new features:

Introduction - an introduction to the FAQ and its history. Names the guilty parties and why we did it.

Whats New in the FAQ - a list of new features in the FAQ which will be updated as the FAQ is updated. At long last you can know *why* the version number changes and where the changes are!

Section F.2.1 - "Do Libertarian Capitalists support slavery?" You bet! And this section explains why this proves that they are not libertarians.

Section F.9 - Newly updated with more evidence of the communal nature of Medieval Iceland and the role private property played in its down fall into statism. Yet more proof why "anarcho"-capitalism does not work in practice (unless role by the rich is what really wants!).

*plus* loads of new anarchist and anarchist related links in the links page!

This is in addition to the usual detailed information on anarchist theory and history as well as the many arguments for anarchism and against statism and capitalism.

All in all, more than enough reason to check it out!

The Anarchist FAQ web-page is located at:


Over 7500 hits cannot be wrong!

yours in solidarity!



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