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Sun, 9 Feb 1997 12:42:48 GMT

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HITI TAU CONSEIL NATIONAL DES ONG DU PAYS MAOHI mailto:hititau@mail.pf Tel: (689) 521371 Fax: (689) 572880 Siege social: Faaone, P.K. 45,200 Tahiti, Polynesie francaise Adresse Postale: B.P. : 4611 Papeete, Tahiti


Hiti Tau - Conseil National Des ONG du pays Maohi is now online with e-mail communications. The address is: hititau@mail.pf. This acheivement is celebrated in Faaone, Tahiti today as it was a difficult accomplishment. Now that we are online the monitoring of our lines has begun - again. You can visit our new web site at: http://hookele.com/hititau which is still in development.

This is the FIRST Maohi organization online directly. There are only 140 internet access access accounts in (french) Polynesia and there were only 10 in December 1996. The phone company has only this month stopped routeing all electronic communications through France (yes all communications until now have been routed through France first before connecting to the internet! much like areas of South America who we hear are being routed through Suisse!)! The phone company has 10 modems and will be upgrading to 20 next week with a 256k line.

We will be assisting the Maohi with their economic development, sustainable resourcing and development, multi-media communications, marketing and self-determination efforts. Your assistance and support directly to Hiti Tau is appreciated. Please write Gabi Tetiarahi to welcome them to the Internet!

Maururu Kekula P. Bray-Crawford, Maoli KA PAE `AINA O HAWAI`I LOA


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