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Hello eyes on the other side of the screen, whoever they belong too:

I've been real busy, and my life is going through another series of dramatic changes. I'm again a target of persecution, as a reactionary 'McLuhan' faction has accused me of being an anarchist hacker. They're sending out press releases and conducting a phone harrasment campaign so that tomorrow the national elite newspaper will have a feature article on me, and the University Provost (elite schmuck) is trying (again) to have me thrown out of school. I wouldn't care if I was, as I'm only taking one course this year (taoism), but I like running a little revolution out of the McLuhan program at UofToronto because it's a fertile open mind. On the flip side of this craziness, I'm being considered for a job of editor of a national alternative magazine here in Canada. If I get it, not only will a-infos have a Canadian national media outlet, but Canada will have a national anarchist rag. So my head is running pretty fast right now, and I apologize for incoherencies as I try to catch up on a lot of email...

First off, what's up with the web site? Any suggestions on when to move the web archive? I would think at the latest by the end of February, however others may have different opinions. I'm about to take down the lglobal site (although leave a redirect or at least pointer to the tao site) and I just want to be sure that we're happy with it the way it is (or should be).

Second, on the issue of editing, I would just like to repeat, that I feel we should focus on a-infos as a 'flow' rather than a list, set of lists, digest, or zine. One of my main motivations behind supporting the organization and 'editing' of a-infos was to enable wider and stabler distribution. What we have here is a great and free service that should be available to many more than the say 2000 who have access now. As long as we also provide a non-filtered raw feed, I see no reason why we shouldn't try to create and maintain a quality, world-class :), news feed. The more people we bring into the collective, the more distributed the labour, and the larger we grow. Do remember we're fighting extreme corporate media concentration, and we perhaps have a window of a year or two at most to get our acts together and make some noise.

I think that the identity of the collective should be both fluid and amibiguous. We are going to be targets of both persecution and attack. I prefer to view a-infos as a virus that grows on its own and becomes autonomous to not only technology but individual control. Ideally people would observe our actions and words, and not need us to hold their hand and start distributing radical information across the world.

I do however see the need for both public representation and public accountability. There may come a time when those responsible for a-infos internet (the editorial collective) will have to make a concrete decision such as remove a subscriber from a list, or change an integral part of the projects structure, whether 'code' or 'infosheet'. The a-infos-org list is the public manifestation of the editorial collective. The members of this list are like members of parliament for our nation, except they are not elected, but receive benefits through the labour required to survive the flood of messages that come through the list. Anyone can join the list and receive the power that comes with listening to both will and King Ludd. As well anyone can see who's on the list. I think that if the list itself is self-regulated and populated by active, compassionate, and concerned anarchists the a-infos project will remain healthy. The last few months have demonstrated that their is a strong culture of democracy, even if others argue there is no democracy.

Example#1: Let's say we wanted to delete josh@tao.ca from the a-infos-org list because not only has josh said very little, but he's a real nice guy, laughs a lot, and commits daily acts of kindness and senseless beauty. I would argue that if 80% (maybe 75 or 70) of the list (including josh) agreed that he should be removed, then he would be removed.

Example#2: An email comes in that deals with the tendency to centralize organizations through the internet, and neil, lyn, and i, choose to not pass it through, but stefan approves it and sends it to a-infos. I think that not only is this a good thing, but an inherent prevention against the formation of a central committee. Control of the content on the list should be weak, and dependent upon almost complete consensus towards the negative option. That is to actually block a message from going through the list you'd have to have unanimous support.

Example#3: Changing the password for the list should be possible with only 50% list approval, but the new password must be immediately posted to the list. Thus if we found out (for sure) that will was really an informer working for Rupert Murdoch, we'd have to get him off the list before we changed the password.

Just some thoughts on the identity and organization of the collective :)

To summarize: a-infos-org is only one manifestation of the a-infos collective. It is the public representation of the whole, and the group who publicly take responsibility for the collective. I support neil's decision to give Aris (and potentially others) the password even if they are not subscribed to a-infos-org. Both my brother and mother are members of the editorial collective as they provide labour and food respectively to help keep the project going. While they do not have the password or subscribe to the list I consider them full standing members of the collective and deserving of all special priviledges that both King Ludd and Stefan have.

As far as keeping track of folk who have the password and are not on the -org list, I think it would be easy to keep a separate list (off-line) of folk we know and approve of having the password, and we can send them updates when we change the password.

As far as privacy, you can all believe that this being an international conversation all of our email is recorded, and the password itself is about as safe as money in a stock market.

I'm tired and probably not making much sense, but I keep writing anyhow...

I meant to respond to all emails in this email, but I have to respond to Stefan's emails directly because I often find them so absurd. Stefan I wish we really were in the same room because I'd like to give you an ear full. However due to the grand possibilities of misunderstanding that can arise with email I can only say thank you for being so thorough and dilligent with your involvement in the project and your passion for the organizing structure.

:) <- my new alias


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