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Guess Jeans Sues Poets Guess Jeans is suing several LA area writers for libel and slander. The lawsuit was filed against UNITE (Union of Needle Trades Industrial and Textile Employees) and Common Threads, a women's group working to improve working conditions for garment workers. The suit is a reaction against a poetry reading at the Midnight Special Bookstore in September. The reading was sponsored by the L.A. local of the National Writers Union and Common Threads. At the poetry reading former employees described the working conditions at Guess, and a speaker discussed the plans of Common Threads' campaign against unfair working conditions at Guess. Some of the poetry was about garment workers, although none of it mentioned Guess by name. The lawsuit is based on the claim that "false and defamatory" statements were made about Guess during the reading and in publicity for it. In particular, Guess is objecting to being accused of operating sweat shops and using home labor. The defendants have characterized the lawsuit as a S.L.A.P.P. (strategic lawsuit against public participation), although California has an anti-S.L.A.P.P. statute. Recently Guess has announced that it is moving about half of its manufacturing in Southern California to Mexico. If you would like to support the garment workers, e-mail UNITE at unitela@igc.org, or call 213-239-6520. Spread the word by sponsoring a poetry reading in your area. Boycott Guess The above article is a condensed with permisssioin from NEXT..MAGAZINE, "GUESS LAWSUIT AGAINST POETRY READING PROCEEDS'" by G. Murray Thomas.

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