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Sat, 1 Feb 1997 00:05:30 GMT

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As a-infos subscribers will have noticed over the last month a large number of messages have been sent to a-infos which do not conform with the guidelines set out in the information provided for this list.

We have now set up further lists from which we will filter messages which fall into the following categories:

1/ Replies to previous messages. (these will be redirected to a-infos-d) 2/ Messages of a commercial nature sent by profit-making organisations

In the light of this the following options are now available to subscribers.

1/ By remaining subscribed to this list you will receive the filtered feed as it happens 2/ By subscribing to a-infos24 you will receive one message every 24 hours containing the filtered feed for that period 3/ By subscribing to a-infozine you will receive the filtered feed whenever the volume of messages sent reaches 35k in size 4/ By subscribing to a-infos-work you will receive the complete feed including all messages which are filtered from the other lists.

You may also subscribe to:

1/ a-infos-d for debate and discussion of the content of the news feed 2/ a-infos-org to discuss administration and development of this project

All subscriptions should follow the following pattern:

to: majordomo@tao.ca subject: ------ subscribe <name of list>

Further details will be sent to you as necessary. In the meantime please address any questions to:


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