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Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) Communique #8

Jaen, January 1997

To The Relatives Of The Political Prisoners In Peruvian Jails To The Relatives Of Those Detained In The Japanese Embassy To The Tupac Amaru Militias To The National And International Press To The Human Rights Organizations To The Peruvian And International Solidarity:

We call on you to remain attentive to the events at the embassy and to be prepared to defend the lives of the persons who are in danger on account of to the violence generated by dictator Fujimori in today's Peru.

>From the beginning of the seizure of the embassy, the Edgar Sanchez
Commando has been denouncing the constant provocations on the part of the government and the police and soldiers stationed there. First, they lied to the public, saying that the Commando had given an ultimatum to begin talks. That is not true. The Commando took time to carefully study the identity of the persons detained there and to free those not involved in the government's economic policies, corruption, and indiscriminate repression against opponents of the regime.

But the provocations continued. An animal was released in order to test whether the terrain was mined. Then followed the hail of sticks and stones against the surroundings of the embassy with the risk of activating the mines placed there for the defense of the embassy. These provocations were aimed at creating a pretext to justify military intervention, but our comrades have maintained their equanimity and resolve.

The provocations continued with the eviction of the journalists from neighboring homes and roofs, with another lie fabricated by the SIN and its advisor Montesinos about a supposed negotiation site outside of the residence. Finally, the reinforced military encirclement against the installations of the embassy make one expect a military outcome and the sacrifice of those persons still detained in the residence.

To all this is added the report of a humanitarian sailor of tortures and harassment against Victor, Maria, and Peter - prisoners in the tombs at the [Callao] Naval Base - with the same objective as before, that they sign a "peace accord" which, in reality, is an unconditional surrender. Therefore, it is completely the responsibility of the military of General Hermosa Rios, of President Fujimori, and of the Japanese government for continuing to endorse the policy of the Peruvian government during this conflict and for failing to take steps toward the search for a negotiated solution.

We ask the relatives, the press, human rights organizations, and national and international solidarity groups to attempt to deter this threatened massacre. Now! Not when everything has ended and we only have to count and collect our dead. We also ask the International Red Cross to check out this serious accusation of an outrage against the already deteriorated health of the three political prisoners detained at the Naval Base.


National Leadership of the MRTA

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