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>Subject: EZLN RED ALERT support in upstate NY
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>SPAN/--Shoestrings & Grace, a central NY state human rights project, and
>its recent delegation to Chiapas will be joining the national mobilization
>on Jan. 31 in support of the cause of the EZLN. In the absence of a Mexican
>Consulate in our area of upstate NY, we are asking upstate NY peace and
>justice groups to join us in a prayer vigil in front of the Ithaca, NY post
>office at noon on Friday, Jan. 31. We will also join other actions
>recommended and are urging recipients of this message to forward the=
message >to others and to devise means of support in your areas as well.
>Details of the necessity for this action and the types of action possible
>are listed below in the action alert from the NCDM-USA.
>Wes Rehberg
>January 25, 1997
>=93The pre-military campaign of the government has begun. The Mexican=
federal >army is saturating its barracks with troops and armaments; the military
>patrols have doubled in size; planes and helicopters are practicing time=
and >again the surgical attack; the Public Ministers are preparing to count the
>captured and dead. The Division Leaders of =93Operation Rainbow=94 have=
their >orders sitting on their desk. They were accompanied by a presidential
>promise that =93there would be no turning back=94=85
>In the southeastern mountains the Zapatista rebels, the vast majority of
>whom are indigenous people, resist and wait for answers. They have on=
their >side reason, history and legitimacy. The armed forces of the government=
cast >their shadow of death over the dignity that animates all of those who live
>and die for the =93everything for everyone, nothing for us=94, but their=
plans do >not include surrendering=94. EZLN document, =937 Questions=94, published=
January >24, 1997 The national office of the National Commission for Democracy in
>Mexico has declared a red alert and calls on all people of conscience,
>commitment and faith to take action to prevent the re-initiation of a
>full-scale conflict in Chiapas. Conditions have severely deteriorated in
>recent days, and the possibility of open warfare is very real. Conditions
>are of the utmost urgency as it appears that Zedillo is prepared to go to
>war to wipe out the Zapatistas.
>We ask that all forces possible be marshaled to target both the Mexican
>and US government. Phone calls, faxes and telegrams should be directed to
>the Mexican consulates, President Zedillo, US Congressional representatives
>and the US Secretary of State. These leaders must hear from the general
>public in the United States that no military action can be taken against=
the >Zapatistas, that a peaceful solution to the conflict must be developed.
>National media also should be contacted and pressured to send reporters to
>the region.
>Last week NCDM issued a call for protests at all of the Mexican consulates
>for January 31st. Broad mobilization for those actions is critical to
>send a message to the Mexican government from the US people that the San
>Andres agreements regarding indigenous rights be respected.
>Please join us in demonstrating that the Zapatistas are not alone, that
>their just and dignified struggle for democracy, liberty and justice is
>ours, and that we will not allow them and the hope for humanity that they
>create to be erased.
>601 N. Cotton Street, #A103, El Paso, Texas 79902
>Phone/fax: (915) 532-8382; Email: moonlight@igc.apc.org
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> SPAN/--Shoestrings & Grace
> Rev. Wes Rehberg, Ph.D.
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> wrehberg@lightlink.com
> http://www.lightlink.com/wrehberg
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