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>Subject: (eng) Antifa Demo In Aschaffenburg, Germany
>Nationwide Anti-Fascist Demonstration In Aschaffenburg, Germany
>Februrary 22, 1997
> For four years now, German fascists from the NPD/JN [German National
>Party/Young Nationalists] have been carrying out propaganda under the name
>of the "Hans Munstermann Memorial March" in Aschaffenburg. In 1996, this was
>the biggest nazi demo in Germany. We will no longer allow this! Stop the
>NPD/JN in Aschafenburg and everywhere!
>The "Hans Munstermann Memorial"; or "The Death Of An Aschaffenburg Racist"
> On February 22, 1993, 20-year-old Hans Munstermann died from a
>stabbing during a fight in the city center of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. The
>person responsible was described as "south European", and police responded
>by raiding all foreigner and refugee homes in the area, arresting 20
>"suspects". While the local media all spoke of a "murder", a court decided
>that the man who did the stabbing, an asylum seeker from Albania, had acted
>in self-defense and he was acquitted. The "brawl between Germans and
>foreigners" was descrbed as follows.
> Around 20-25 German youths, including known racist thugs, among them
>Munstermann, a kick-boxer, and his friend Robert Iliazovic, local head of
>the fascist FAP party until it was banned, attacked 5 Albanian refugees with
>bats and stones. After one of the refugees was seriously injured (several
>broken bones), he stabbed one of the fascists with a knife, which one of the
>nazis had dropped, and Munstermann later died of his wounds.
> On February 27, 1993, around 800 people from Aschaffenburg and the
>surrounding areas held a rally "Against Anti-German Hatred" and marched with
>candles through the city.
> This rally had been organized by the "parents and friends of Hans"
>(who paid lip service to being against "right-radical tendencies"), but also
>by the 'Deutsche Freundeskreis' (DF), which consisted largely of members
>from the FAP, the Viking Youth, and the NPD/JN. Prominent politician Manfred
>Christ of Germany's ruling party the CDU and 400 other "normal" racists
>marched side by side with an equal number of nazis and hooligans like Alex
>Schunk and Falco Schuessler.
> One the first anniversay of the stabbing in 1994, the NPD/JN
>mobilized around 30 of their followers.
> In 1995, the rally gained in prominence in Germany's far-right scene
>and about 120 nazis marched through Aschaffenburg.
> In 1996, the NPD/JN reached the high-point of their nationwide
>mobilizing. Around 350 fascists from all over Germany were escorted by a
>heavy police presence through the city. But counter-protests were also
>stronger that year, as 450 people took part in the regional anti-fascist
>demo there. After attempting to physically hinder the nazi procession, 15
>antifas were arrested.
>What Will Happen In 1997?
> On February 22, 1997, the NPD/JN will try yet again to organize a
>propaganda rally in Aschaffenburg. We will not sit by an let this happen.
>For that Saturday, we are calling for a nationwide demonstration in
> The fascist march is being opposed by broad sectors of the local
>population in Aschaffenburg (Greens, social democrats, trade unions, etc.).
>There are 10 different rally points in the city which will then join
>together in a united rally. We expect the fascists to try and march at
>around 5pm in the evening.
>Autonomist Anti-Fascist Groups
>(call translated by Arm The Spirit)
>Diffusion :
>European Counter Network=20
>ECN - Paris
>e-mail: ecn@altern.org
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