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Nationwide Anti-Fascist Demonstration In Aschaffenburg, Germany Februrary 22, 1997

For four years now, German fascists from the NPD/JN [German National Party/Young Nationalists] have been carrying out propaganda under the name of the "Hans Munstermann Memorial March" in Aschaffenburg. In 1996, this was the biggest nazi demo in Germany. We will no longer allow this! Stop the NPD/JN in Aschafenburg and everywhere!

The "Hans Munstermann Memorial"; or "The Death Of An Aschaffenburg Racist"

On February 22, 1993, 20-year-old Hans Munstermann died from a stabbing during a fight in the city center of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. The person responsible was described as "south European", and police responded by raiding all foreigner and refugee homes in the area, arresting 20 "suspects". While the local media all spoke of a "murder", a court decided that the man who did the stabbing, an asylum seeker from Albania, had acted in self-defense and he was acquitted. The "brawl between Germans and foreigners" was descrbed as follows. Around 20-25 German youths, including known racist thugs, among them Munstermann, a kick-boxer, and his friend Robert Iliazovic, local head of the fascist FAP party until it was banned, attacked 5 Albanian refugees with bats and stones. After one of the refugees was seriously injured (several broken bones), he stabbed one of the fascists with a knife, which one of the nazis had dropped, and Munstermann later died of his wounds. On February 27, 1993, around 800 people from Aschaffenburg and the surrounding areas held a rally "Against Anti-German Hatred" and marched with candles through the city. This rally had been organized by the "parents and friends of Hans" (who paid lip service to being against "right-radical tendencies"), but also by the 'Deutsche Freundeskreis' (DF), which consisted largely of members from the FAP, the Viking Youth, and the NPD/JN. Prominent politician Manfred Christ of Germany's ruling party the CDU and 400 other "normal" racists marched side by side with an equal number of nazis and hooligans like Alex Schunk and Falco Schuessler. One the first anniversay of the stabbing in 1994, the NPD/JN mobilized around 30 of their followers. In 1995, the rally gained in prominence in Germany's far-right scene and about 120 nazis marched through Aschaffenburg. In 1996, the NPD/JN reached the high-point of their nationwide mobilizing. Around 350 fascists from all over Germany were escorted by a heavy police presence through the city. But counter-protests were also stronger that year, as 450 people took part in the regional anti-fascist demo there. After attempting to physically hinder the nazi procession, 15 antifas were arrested.

What Will Happen In 1997?

On February 22, 1997, the NPD/JN will try yet again to organize a propaganda rally in Aschaffenburg. We will not sit by an let this happen. For that Saturday, we are calling for a nationwide demonstration in Aschaffenburg! The fascist march is being opposed by broad sectors of the local population in Aschaffenburg (Greens, social democrats, trade unions, etc.). There are 10 different rally points in the city which will then join together in a united rally. We expect the fascists to try and march at around 5pm in the evening.

Autonomist Anti-Fascist Groups

(call translated by Arm The Spirit)

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