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Report on General Electric Corporation by Shawn Ewald <ewald@ctaz.com>

Newsweek magazine once called Jack Welch (CEO of General Electric) "the most heartless CEO in corporate america." If the attitude that GE employees have toward Jack Welch is any indication of what kind of man he is, then that remark is a vast understatement.

According to former GE employees in Syracuse, N.Y., Jack Welch was so hated by his employees that on the rare occasions when he came to inspect the plants in Syracuse, he would be constantly accompanied by an attache of armed plain clothes security for fear of being assassinated by one of his employees, and would take a helocopter directly to and from the plant to the airport.

I mention Jack Welch because most of GE's monstrous growth had occured under his "leadership", and because he is one of the originators of, as well as a cult hero of, the "lean and mean" school of corporate management.

I am writing this report (to be clarified and updated pending future research) to alert the U.S. (and global) activist community to the fact that, as of GE's attainment of virtual controlling interest in Lockheed- Martin corporation, the "defence" business in the United States is now effectively controlled by one corporation: General Electric. And, by extension, it is effectively controlled by one man: Jack Welch.

My hope in writing this preliminary report, is to inspire others to do simmilar research and to educate the public on this very important issue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Elecric: Nearly a century old (Thomas Edison was one of the company's founder's), it has consistently been in the top ten of america's largest companies (top ten of Fortune 500 companies) since World War II.


Atomic Power: GE has its hands in every aspect of the Nuke Bussiness; it owns the unranium mines, it builds the reactors and everything in between.

Jet Propulsion: It is the largest manufacturer of military jet engines (even Air Force One flies on GE built engines).

Prisons: GE "manages" many state (possibly federal) prisons throughout the U.S. it also exploits the prison populations it manages through forced labor at substandard wages.

GE Financial Services: GE has possibly the richest pension fund of any company in the U.S., which it routinely gambles on venture capital schemes, as well as using it for mergers and stock trades with companies it aquires.

Entertainment: GE owns NBC television network, and thus everything that NBC owned at the time it was aquired. GE also owns RCA (televisions, camcorders, various electronics equipment, appliances, and government contracts), which originally owned NBC.

Hardware and Appliances: Black & Decker Inc. bought out most of GE's hardware appliance division, it is believed that GE returned the favor by buying controlling interest in B & D. Most products (i.e. microwaves, light bulbs, toaster ovens, etc.) that bear the GE logo are not actually made by GE but by Eastern European manufacturers.

Military Contractors: due to the fact that GE owns, or has controling interest in, most of the major U.S. defense contractors, this makes GE effectively the largest defense contractor in the U.S., and, no doubt, the world.

Rockwell International: aerospace, rocket propulsion, etc. GE has controlling interest in this company.

Honeywell: specialized industrial computer systems, industrial automation, some military contracts. GE has controlling interest in this company via a stock trade.

Martin-Marietta: military radar and sonar systems (a GE business that was transfered to M-M), satellites, non-nuclear missles (such as the patriot missle). Martin-Marietta also has contracts with the federal government to manage Sandia Laboratories in New Mexico, and now most of the NASA space program on behalf of the federal government. GE has virtually controlling interest in this company.

Lockheed-Martin: the merger of Lockheed and Martin-Marietta -- there's a good chance that GE helped M-M come up with the money to buy Lockheed and that, because of this, they've added another GE appointed member to the Lockheed-Martin board of directors. Thus possibly giving GE true controlling interest in this company. Lockheed "won" a contract to make the next generation of fighter planes for the U.S. millitary, beating out McDonald- Douglas for this "honor".

My future report will give a more detailed listing of all GE's businesses and what they manufacture or sell, as well as the political activities that GE is or has been involved in.

In Solidarity, Shawn Ewald <ewald@ctaz.com> __________________________________________________________________________ "Political rights do not originate in parliaments; they are rather forced upon them from without. And even their enactment into law has for a long time been no guarantee of their security. They do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habit of a people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace."

--Rudolf Rocker "Anarcho-Syndicalism", 1938 (Pluto Press, London, 1989) __________________________________________________________________________


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