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Sample edition on request ---- ANTI-ELECTION ALLIANCE p3 current edition

The Anti-Election Alliance has been established by several political organisations to campaign against the upcoming electoral farce. We believe that people' s time on election day would be far more productively spent in bed, or down the pub, rather than at a polling booth encouraging politicians who only have contempt for us. If they valued us at all, they'd ask our opinions more frequently than once every five years. They only rule while we let them.

It's a popular saying that an honest politician is a contradiction in terms. Here in Cheshire, for example, we have a politician who proves that. Neil Hamilton is one of the best examples of that miserable breed, the corrupt politician. Let's face it, would you buy a used car from him? But why did he get his free trip to the Ritz, his cash for questions, his fat salary, his free train travel, and his big house in the country? Because people voted for him, and the 650 like him in the House of Commons. Once he was safely installed there, Neil Hamilton got his nose well and truly into the trough, which his rich friends filled up with back-handers. Our message is clear: no votes, no more gravy train forthe likes of Neil Hamilton.

Not that the so-called 'opposition' parties offer any alternative. New Labour, New Bullshit, is all we can say about smarmy Tony Blairand you only have to look at Manchester City Council to see what Labour are like in power. Generations of working class people have voted for Labour, and where has it got them? Nowhere. If Blair gets into Number 10 he'll find new friends in the City, and it will just be different faces getting bungs from their rich mates.

It's not worth wasting time on either the Liberal Democrat or Green parties. Both are largely made up of middle class cranks who wouldn' t know a day' s work if it came up and smacked them in the kisser.

We want a world where there are no politicians, no rulers and no corruption. Every political party told the people to pay their poll tax, but fourteen million people did not and the poll tax was abolished. Quite simply, ignoring politicians gets the goods.

From now until the election, the Anti-Election Alliance will be issuing stickers, leaflets and press releases putting our point of view across - no holds barred. We are calling for everybody who sympathises with us to get on board - after all, it can't be worse than Neil Hamilton, can it?

For more information contact: Anti-Election Alliance, BM Box 357, London WClN 3XX.

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