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The following message is taken from the CL-Netz, a widely leftist german- language computer network. I do not know the group Revolutionaerer Aufbau Schweiz (revolutionary erection Switzerland) but since the struggle of the dockers in Liverpool is also being supported by many anarchist group, I think it will be of interest here too.

If anyone has information about the group, please send it to us.

Robert (from the A-Infos collective in germoney)

Translation from the german original by A-Infos collective in germoney:


## Message forwarded on 21.01.97 ## Original: /CL/SOZIALISMUS/AKTIONEN ## Creator: aufbau@avz.links.ch

Solidarity with the Liverpool dockers!

This morning, on the 20.1.97, we occupied the rooms of the management of the Rheinschiffartsgesellschaft (Rhein shipping company) in Basel. Therewith we want to act in solidarity with the liverpool dockers and the women of the waterfront. They have been on strike since the 28th of September and are struggling for their jobs after their old collective contracts have been had been temrinated and they collectively refused to sign new individual contacts with precare working conditions. We therewith join the world-wide solidarity actions to which the dockers and the women of the waterfront had called for today.

Their employers, Mersey Docks and Harbour Company had been wanting to downrade the permanantly employed liverpool dockers to part-time working casual laborers as part of the crisis-stipulated worldwide attack on the working and living conditions of the working class carried out by the capital. The company used their struggle as an excuse to sack them. Using scabs transported from all directions they tried - with police protection - to continue the work. The unions management denied the workers any support saying that the strike was illegal according to the new laws, that had been installed under the Thatcher-government. Thanks to the solidarity strikes of their colleagues in seatowns in and out of europe as well as broad international financial solidarity, the strike could be held up for now almost 16 month.

The Liverpool strike which is being hushed up by the press, socialdemocrats and union bosses here, is an example for us on how the struggling traditions of the working class that had been interrupted by the social partnership can be picked up again which is absolutely necessary considering the more and more arrogantly carried out destruction of achievements of the workers movement. For a successful struggle of the liverpool workers against their sacking!

Capitalism doesn t have errors, it is the error.

Basel, 20. January 1997, 1030h

Revolutionaerer Aufbau Schweiz (Revolutionary Erection Switzerland) ------ Translation from the german original by A-Infos collective in germoney ## CrossPoint v3.11 ##


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