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SIPAZ Action Alert

On their 97th day of a hunger strike, Tabasco street cleaners Jos=C8 Luis Alamilla Magana and Venancio Jimenez Martinez were forcibly removed from their encampment in front of the National Human Rights Commission in Mexico City. In a surprise raid, 200 riot police took the strikers to the hospital, beat up other strikers and dismantled the entire camp.

The street sweepers, who are State employees, have been in litigation with the governor of Tabasco for several years and have consistently used non-violent methods such as protest marches from Tabasco to the Capital and hunger strikes to bring attention to their deplorable working conditions, their sub-standard pay and minimal benefits.

The Workers are demanding reinstatement of all 336 street cleaners who had been fired, payment of wages for the work days lost and withdrawal of the 46 arrest warrants against various members.

Roberto Madrazo, the governor of Tabasco, who has a history of proven corruption and fraud attached to his electoral campaign, seems to be immune to any kind of pressure, even from President Zedillo, who gave instructions to Madrazo to negotiate with the strikers.

Leading Mexican Jurists and international Human Rights Organizations have decried the police actions as illegal , gross violations of human rights.

URGENT ACTION is needed to support the street cleaners=ED non- violent protest.

Please send faxes of protest deploring the government=EDs violent and illegal actions and calling for immediate solutions to the workers demands for just and equitable employment to:

Secretaria de Gobernaci=DBn de Tabasco Roberto Madrasco Pintado Fax: 5293 143003 or 127347

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Le=DBn Presidente de la Rep=99blica Fax: 5 515-1794, E-mail:

Lic. Emilio Chauyfett Chemor Secretario de Gobernaci=DBn Fax: 5 546-5350

Letters of solidarity can be sent to:

Broad Front of Democratic Struggle Calle Insurgentes n. 203 Fracc. Insurgentes Ciudad Industrial Villahermosa TABASCO, Mexico.

or emailed through the National Trade Union Commission, (=ECatenci=DBn trabajadores de la limpia=EE) at joseluisr@laneta.apc.

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