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RE: Non-Profit Organizations Summer PROJECT DIRECTORS/INTERNS/VOLUNTEERS Approaching Deadlines

Human Rights and Humanitarian Multi-disciplinary Projects

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Please post/forward/share this information. Likely to be of interest to the List and to a cross-section of persons seeking meaningful, "different" summer experiences.

Deadlines/cut offs are but a few weeks away.

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Application deadlines are approaching for the following summer jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.


1. AfriCare



2. Operation Crossroads: Global Volunteers/Interns/Project DIRECTORS -> ONLINE applications now available for Proj DIRs & Interns [Africa/Brazil]

Aimed at involving North Americans (and others) in sustainable development efforts in Africa and Brazil, while helping local communities to help themselves

Academic Credit

*highlights below*


1. A F R I C A R E -

Recruits for a variety of positions in non-profit work. BA/BS, 3 years experience, language proficiency, job specific. Contact:

Director of Management Services, AFRICARE, 440 R Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20001

(202) 462-3641.



Global Volunteers/Interns/Project Directors

Crossroads offers an opportunity to do summer work and participate in multi-disciplinary grassroots projects that Africans and Brazilians in rural & urban communities deem valuable. 20 - 25 projects are being organized; plans are for 150 - 200 volunteers/interns and 15 - 20 Project Directors.

Crossroads recently announced that ONLINE applications (due over next few weeks) are available for Project Directors/Leaders (26 yrs and over with experience) & for Volunteers/Interns (college age & up; ALL are welcome)

C R E D I T : Students generally arrange with their campuses to receive academic credit (typically 7 to 15 units) for their summer internship experience. The Program starts with a several-day Training Orientation in NYC in early July; Volunteers return to the US in mid-August.


Operation Crossroads, Attn: Overseas Department/LaVerne Brown 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1366, New York, NY 10027


Or, to receive the brochure, application and other info by E-Mail, send your request to <<BOTH>>

1- "Applications/Info Update" <International_Programs@Juno.Com>, 2- "Brochure/New Programs" <oca@igc.apc.org>

..and in the Subject Field, put either of the following:

-> "SEND VOLUNTEER\INTERN's Packet" (college age & up/open to all) o r -> "SEND LEADER\ProjDIRECTOR's Packet" (26 yrs & up with experience)

Please include your street address in case our equipment malfunctions

P r o j e c t D i r e c t o r / L e a d e r applicants must include a brief paragraph on their background & interests to receive application

Crossroads helps Volunteers/Interns raise funds for the summer; EARLY application is a MUST

==================================================================== MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PROJECTS / RESEARCH / WORK CAMPS / FIELD STUDY ___________________________________________________________________

Ecology & Environment. Traditional Medicine. Oral History. Folklore. Primary Care. Archaeology. Anthropology. Reforestation. Media. <<ROOTS>> Distance Learning. Art. Ethnomusicology. Public Health. Construction Wildlife. HUMAN RIGHTS. Computer Literacy. Agric/Farming. Nursing. Teaching/Tutoring. Business Dev. African/Brazilian Language Study. Youth Programs. Recreation. Traditional Religion. Anthropology. Dance. RURAL SOCIOLOGY

******************************************************************* Including public health campaigns addressing Female Circumcision / Genital Mutilation [FGM] carried out with sensitivity for local customs and practices

C O U N T R I E S: Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Guinea Bissau, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Benin and Brazil (in South America) _______________________________

Operation Crossroads is a non-profit 501(3)(C) organization Credited by JF Kennedy for inspiring the "birth" of the Peace Corps Celebrating 40 yrs of service and contribution by 10,000 Volunteers

"Good ideas without action don't accomplish much"


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