Wilf Peltier First Nations Elder

Jane Scharf (dn701@freenet.carleton.ca)
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 12:25:47 -0500

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Take Back the Lebreton Flats for the Homeless>>>>>>>>Communique 6

Wilf Peltier First Nations Elder has agreed to bless the land in a sweet grass celebration at Lebreton Flats on August 25/97.

In this ancient First Nations potlatch celebration those attending will be sharing their good fortunes with others to heal the circle of humanity. Give what you have take what you need. We will be swaping everything from soup to gloves.

There are now over 400 individuals and groups world wide who have confirmed their attendance on August 25/97. The responses have been from Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, UK, USA, Vienna. Transportation to the Flats from your port of entry will be arranged and if you arrive before August 25 sleeping accommodations can also be arranged until the camp is open.

For those who have not read earlier communiques:

Take Back the Flats for the Homeless is going to be a tent city for the homeless on unoccupied land claimed to be owned by the Federal Government in the heart of downtown Ottawa Canada's capital city.

We intend to continue this protest until the criminalization of homelessness has ceased or until our social programs are reestablished with eligibility based on need alone as it was from 1958 until 1996. We fear imprisonment, boot camps, child abductions by Children's Aid Society for the massive numbers of new homeless persons cut off pensions, mothers allowance and welfare and workfare for thousands of others in the coming year. We recognize that withdrawal of social programs is a world wide trend.

When: the action commences on August 25, 1997 at 2:00 pm.

Where: on Lebreton Flats which is west of Booth Street and north of the transitway in downtown Ottawa.

Who: all children of the universe who want a place to stand against the tyranny of big business who have orchestrated the dismantleing of our social programs without alternatives. We are claiming unoccupied land to use and create a community with an economy based on sharing in defiance of the world monetary economy based on hoarding and greed.

There is no committee, no leader and no cash donations are sought or accepted and no endorsements are sought or accepted to avoid cooptation. We are however hard at work organizing.

If you want copies of earlier communiques EMAIL Jane Scharf at: dn701@freenet.carleton.ca

>>>>>Help Needed:

donations of food, clothing and camping equipment dropped off at the Flats on or after August 25/97.

Help in constructing out houses, a stage, tables and benches and solar generator would help to facilitate this action.


Mail to 110-2604 Draper Ave. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2H 9B1.

We hope to see you there as a visitor or camper but anonymous donations by mail are welcome also.

If you like this action please forward, redirect, post or otherwise redistribute this communique as you see fit.

Protest, Actively Resist, and Surpass, Jane Scharf

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