the continued survival of Prison News Service.

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>Subject: the continued survival of Prison News Service.
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>"Does the possibility and capability exist for anachist/anti-authoritarian
>groups/individuals to taske over the production and distribution of the
>Amerikan section of Prison News Service?"
>As some of you may know, the bulldozer collective will no longer be
>publishing the amerikan section of PNS; their focus will more on local
>strugles going on in KKKanada.
>Raze The Walls! and Black autonomy come forward to help in keeping this
>important link between us "out here" and our Comrades "in there". but we
>can't do this without help...your help.
>We would like to open up a discussion to all anrchist/anti-authoritarian
>formations who engage in prisoner support work in the U.S. on whether or
>not the "movement" (us) can collectively put out PNS? From the responses
>and further dialog with the bulldozer collective and all interested
>groups, we seek to create a proposal or proposals to actually make this
>The six main areas as far as getting PNS out we see at this time are:
>1.) Print costs.
>2.) Postage.
>3.) Fundraising for the above.
>4.) Task commitments amongst the various collectives (answering mail,
>sending brief replies, assisting with prison grievances, re-typing
>prisoner articles, etc.).
>5.) Distribution and other logistical concerns.
>6.) Establishing a PRINCIPLED decision making process.
>We think that as far as the "editorial policy" goes generally, PNS should
>(of course) be dedicated to exposing readers to the voices inside the
>gulag primarily. We also thought that limiting one page per organization
>for that prisoner support organization to offer commentary, news, etc.
>would help maintain this "prisoners first" focus and (hopefully) limiyt or
>eliminate sectarianism within the coalition.
>In conclusion we like to state clearly that this is mearly the first
>public statment which we hope will develope into further dialog. On this
>end we are very exxcited about the very real possibility of insiuring the
>present link of communication remains open between comrades on both sides
>of the wall.
>In The Spirit Of Total Resistance!
>Mike Lee
>Greg Jackson
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