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Mon, 13 Jan 97 20:51:14 -0600

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Anyone interested in being part of or submmitting to a national magazine, please read on.........

Attention Canadian Anarchists!!!

Greetings from Ramparts Magazine Canada! We will be a new national Anarchist magazine, founded by an editorial collective from Winnipeg (Our name comes from an old radical mag from California in the early 70's) . Ramparts, however, is not going to be a regular leftist rag (how many times have you heard that?). We strive to create a vehicle for the voice of all Anarchists and radicals accross Canada. How? By the organisational nature of the magazine. We have developed a new method for print media publishing and distrabution. Briefly, Ramparts is going to be nationally distributed, but will be divided into "locals". Each local issue will have features, columns and news included in all other local issues, but will also be customized to include stories and news of intrest to the regional community. For example, "RAMPARTS WINNIPEG" and "RAMPARTS TORONTO" will have several of the same feature stories and news, but each will include different information vital to their own local initiatives. (ex. news, columns, events, ect.). Please keep in mind that this explaination is extremely brief, and there is quite a bit more to this method than what's written here. Contact us for more info. We feel that this method will offer the same communication needed within a local activist scene, and also fosters a sense of solidarity on a national and (eventually) international scale. We hope to distribute in as many locals as possible. RAMPARTS is not going to be run from a central source, but collectively controlled by mini-editorial boards in each local (however, the "core" features, which will be included in every local issue, will have to be gathered and distributed from Winnipeg). If you , or somebody you know would like to be involved in administering RAMPARTS in your area, or would like to make a submission, feel free to contact us:

RAMPARTS MAGAZINE CANADA P.O. Box 401 Corydon R3M 3V3 (204) 453-0401 (this is currently a residential phone, and will be changed soon) ramparts@tao.ca

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