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U R G E N T A L E R T _____ _________________________________________________________________ ALTERNATIVE MEDIA UNDER ATTACK! _________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS: ----- 1. (AFN) AFRIKAN FRONTLINE NETWORK: Threatened Lawsuit Against Arm The Spirit! 2. (ATS) ARM THE SPIRIT: No More Reuters News 3. (AFN) AFRIKAN FRONTLINE NETWORK: Black Liberation Radio Raided by Illinois Police 4. (AFIB) When the Hammer Comes Down . . . ----- Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:04:35 -0800 From: Marpessa Kupendua <nattyreb@ix.netcom.com> Subject: !*Threatened Lawsuit Against Arm the Spirit! ----- * AFRIKAN FRONTLINE NETWORK * http://www.webcom.com/nattyreb _________________________________________________________________ THREATENED LAWSUIT AGAINST ARM THE SPIRIT! _________________________________________________________________ Greetings, I am enclosing two items related to the politically-based mainstream media attack on Arm the Spirit in retribution for the *excellent* job they are doing serving people all over the world with their on-line news service. Having their news reports on the MRTA situation via various world news sources has been absolutely invaluable in getting the clearest picture available on that situation. Whether the readers of these materials are pro or con the activities of the MRTA, I am certain that anyone with even a cursory interest in worldwide news that is not limited to the diluted pap we are fed via the nightly news appreciates them and should very definitely stand by them during *any* attack on the free flow of information. Below is the latest attempt by the powers that be to clamp down on on-line activists who distribute this information. Following that is a very on-time piece written by Tom Burghardt of Antifa Info-Bulletin, another very valuable news distribution service that deserves our support as well, ending with a repost of the letter to mainstream media written by ATS. As Tom Burghardt rightly points out, "Reports in the 'mainstream media' seeking to link anti-imperialist internet activists to a world- wide 'cyber-terrorist network,' can neither be ignored nor simply brushed-off as the work of the ill-informed. Such reports, though 'business as usual' by the bourgeois media, must be challenged and public corrections of media distortions demanded." Afrikan Frontline Network salutes and stands strong with ATS in their struggle to bring to light what is too often muddied and outright distorted via the myopic tunnel vision of what "big brother" would allow us to freely digest in an unfettered manner as citizens of the world. This unprincipled and disgusting intimidation tactic against Arm The Spirit, as well as prior attacks on the "Radikal" and other web sites, could very well signal the beginning of an attack on all freedom fighters who use this technology to distribute information if they go unchallenged. We urge everyone who feels strongly about being able to continue to receive a variety of news through worldwide online sources express these concerns directly to Jim Hohman's e-mail address. In Solidarity with Arm The Spirit, Sis. Marpessa Kupendua Afrikan Frontline Network Dedicated to the Free Flow of Information! ***** Date: Sat, 11 Jan 97 09:15:22 -0800 From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net> Subject: No More Reuters News ----- * ARM THE SPIRIT * _________________________________________________________________ NO MORE REUTERS NEWS _________________________________________________________________ Dear ats-l and kurd-l subscribers, It seems that our MRTA Solidarity Page has truly upset the powers that be, even within the capitalist media establishment. The Reuters News Agenecy recently threatened to sue both us as well as our Internet service providers due to our "illegal use of Reuters material". But thanks to the great support given to us by our friends at BURN!, this crisis has been averted. But, there will no longer be any mainstream news from Reuters on our lists. Revolutionary greetings, Arm The Spirit >From: Jim Hohman <jim.hohman@reuters.com>
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:08:20 -0400 (EDT)
>Dear Arm the Spirit,
>My name is Jim Hohman. I am vice president for sales at Reuters
>NewMedia, responsible for the sale of Reuters content to
>traditional and online media in the United States. I am writing
>to let you know you are stealing our content, in violation of
>copyright law. We will pursue legal action against your group
>and your sponsors if you do not immediately (by that I mean
>today, Friday, January 10, 1997) remove all Reuters content from
>any and all sites where it may be currently viewable or
***** Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:10:22 -0800 From: Marpessa Kupendua <nattyreb@ix.netcom.com> FORWARDED MESSAGE ... A LUTA CONTINUA Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 18:04:28 -0800 (PST) From: Keith McHenry <kmchenry@Catch22.COM> Subject: Police Raid Free Radio Station ----- * AFRIKAN FRONTLINE NETWORK * http://www.webcom.com/nattyreb/ _________________________________________________________________ UNLICENSED FM RADIO STATION RAIDED BY ILLINOIS COPS _________________________________________________________________ The opposition station was taken off the air in U.S. just weeks after Belgrade's B-92 was shut down by Serbian Government. At 9:20 local time on January 9, 1997 over ten police officers served a search warrant on Black Liberation Radio operated by Napoleon Williams and Mildred Jones. The raid was lead by Shawn Simpson of the Illinois Attorney General's Office. The warrant stated that all broadcast equipment and files pertaining to broadcasting must be taken. Transmitters, tape players, tapes and computer seized by the Attorney General's Office. So far no reason has been given as to why the station was seized. Calls to the Attorney General's Office failed to find out any information about why the station had been shut down. Black Liberation Radio 99.7 FM played an important role in starting America's free radio movement. The fact that Napoleon was able to continue broadcasting even after the government had taken his children and jailed him sent a message that low watt FM radio broadcasting was possible. According to Free Radio Berkeley founder Stephen Dunifer there are over 300 unlicensed FM radio stations broadcasting in the United States today. Contact Shaun Simpson State Attorney Generals Office 217-782-9082 Napoleon Williams 217-423-9997 Governor Jim Egars State House Illinois State Capital, Springfield, Illinois For taped interviews call Food Not Bombs Radio Network at 800-884-1136 ***** _________________________________________________________________ WHEN THE HAMMER COMES DOWN . . . `Public-Private Partnership' Targets Alternative Media _________________________________________________________________ By Tom Burghardt Editor, Antifa Info-Bulletin SAN FRANCISCO (January 11, 1997) -- You think information is free? You think if you distribute news reports from "mainstream" sources without profit to yourself or your organization, you can elude the capitalist "law of value"? You think all your hard work, your time and effort, the love and sweat you've invested to provide alternative media to the black community in the most racist nation on the face of the earth (and launch the micro-radio revolution in the process) will provide you with immunity from the forces of reaction? Think again. Welcome to Amerikkka, 1997. Reuters News Agency and the Illinois State Attorney General's office struck a blow for preserving the Amerikkkan way of "life" (profit and the state's monopoly over the airwaves). Two separate incidents, same result; alternative information channels closed. The euphemism for repression today is "public-private partnership". It's also called "restructuring," "neoliberalism", "downsizing," "tough love", "war on crime", "war on drugs," "war on terrorism". I prefer to call things by their real name -- war on the poor, war on workers, war on people of color, war on children, war on women, war on everything that isn't "white" or rejects and works to topple its privileges. Yesterday, January 10, the anti-imperialist collective, Arm The Spirit, threatened with a lawsuit by Reuters News Agency have been forced to pull Reuters reports from their web page. Why? Could it be that the White House, the State Department and those paragons of "free speech", the CIA, their Canadian "friends" in Ottawa (not to mention the Nazi-loving Canadian Security Intelligence Service) object to Arm The Spirit's "MRTA Solidarity Page"? Is a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate such as Reuters threatened with bankruptcy by Arm The Spirit? Get real, homey. Or could it be because Arm The Spirit provides timely and accurate information on the MRTA action that Reuters threatened to shut ATS down? You be the judge. Meanwhile in Illinois, the State Attorney General's office raided Black Liberation Radio in Decatur on January 9. They had orders to seize all radio equipment and files pertaining to BLR. Why? Could it be that station operators, Napoleon Williams and Mildred Jones, disrupted the program in the city that "know's how", the city dubbed the "Illinois War Zone" -- Decatur? The home of Caterpillar and Staley, Inc. whose strikes were mercilessly crushed by the "level playing field" of the "free market" -- and the armed fist of capitalist order, the police. The city where it's always open season on black youth and where workers peacefully protesting bourgeois "workplace rationality", aka _strike breaking by low-life scabs_ were beat up, maced and gassed by the cops and "private" union-busters. Could it be that Black Liberation Radio, by righteously denouncing state repression and murder perpetrated against Decatur's black community, and by providing alternative news and a healthy dose of radical hip-hop culture "in the belly of the beast" upset the apple cart in the State of Illinois? All that and more ... When the hammer comes down in capitalist Amerikkka, it's not the corporate bloodsuckers who've looted and raped the planet, the racist cops who protect them, FBI COINTELPRO "red hunters" or CIA terrorists who feel the blow. When the hammer comes down in capitalist Amerikkka, it's not the Nazi boneheads who bash queers or the Ku Klux Klan monsters who burn down black churches; it's not the antiabortion "kill a doctor for Jesus" crew or the militia "patriots" who incinerate women and children in Oklahoma City who feel the blow. It's long past time we begin scraping the rust off our hammers ... "Move as a _team_, never move alone -- and Welcome to the Terrordome." P.E. SOLIDARITY WITH ARM THE SPIRIT! SOLIDARITY WITH BLACK LIBERATION RADIO! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! VENCEREMOS! * * * * * ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN (AFIB) 750 La Playa # 730 San Francisco, California 94121 E-Mail: tburghardt@igc.apc.org On PeaceNet visit ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN on pol.right.antifa or by gopher --> gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7021/11/europe On PeaceNet visit BACORR's <women.clinicdefense> conference. For subscription information e-mail Wendi Jones, wjones@igc.org AFIB & BACORR text files can also be found on the following sites: ARM THE SPIRIT WWW:gopher://locust.cic.net:70/11/politics/Arm.The.Spirit/BACORR FTP: ftp.etext.org --> /pub/politics/Arm.The.Spirit/BACORR FTP: ftp.etext.org --> /pub/politics/Arm.The.Spirit/Antifa/Antifa.Info-Bulletin INSTITUTE FOR ALTERNATIVE JOURNALISM (AlterNet) http://www.alternet.org/an/demworks/html gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:70/00/orgs/alternet +:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+ +: A N T I F A I N F O - B U L L E T I N +: :+ :+ +: NEWS * ANALYSIS * RESEARCH * ACTION +: :+ :+ +: RESISTING FASCISM * BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY! +: +:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+

----------------------------------------------------------------- Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of material, including political prisoners, national liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

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