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Strike Urgent Report #10 edited on January. 11, 1997, at 01:00

Eighth day of the general strike in THE SECOND WAVE

Arrests of the 20 KCTU Leaders Sought

After President Kim toughening his position on the ongoing labor strikes as senior government officials held a series of emergency meetings to find a solution to the weeks long walkout yesterday, prosecutors requested arrest warrants for 20 KCTU leaders. But the court issued writs of forcing summon which compelled the KCTU leaders to appear in court instead of arrest warrants.

The court in charge of warrant-judging issued the writs and said "after interrogating the parties concerned we will decide whether or not warrants of arrest will be issued" adding that "if the KCTU leaders including Kwon Young-kil doesn't appear in court till 10 a.m. on 10th, we'll re-issue the writs or decide to issue the arrest warrants only on the basis of documents. But the KCTU clearified they will not accede to the demand to appear in court, asserting that "this general strike is the expression of the protest against the detrimental revision of labor law, which will make working conditions aggrevated. So there is no problem in legal aspects."

Related with that, prosecutors and the police seized and searched the offices of the KCTU, the Korean Federation Automobile Workers Unions, the Korean Federation of Professional and Technicians Unions and the Korean Council of Hospital Unions with a seizure and search warrants issued by the court.

International trade union delegation to visit Korea

The Committee of labor-management affairs of OECD decided to hold the meeting for the purpose of discussing the recent state of affairs on labor law transition in Korea, so the affair of revising the labor law is to be discussed officially in international organization. They informed that they'll open the committee in Paris on January 22 and make a report for Cabinet meeting.

Meanwhile, an international trade union delegation will arrive in Seoul on January 11 and will seek meetings with Korea's highest authorities in order to express the international trade union movement's concern over developments in the country following the adoption of new labour legislation. The delegation will be led by Takashi Izumi, general secretary of the ICFTU's Asian and Pacific regional organisation (ICFTU-APRO) and will include senior representatives of the Paris-based Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC) and of ICFTU-associated International Trade Secretariats (ITS, international industry trade union federations). Upon its arrival in Seoul, the delegation will first have talks with the leadership of the two ICFTU affiliates in the country: the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (KFTU) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU).

The ICFTU and TUAC have closely followed the situation in Korea. On December 28, the ICFTU lodged a formal complaint against Korea at the ILO on the basis on the new labour legislation. The TUAC for its part has called on the OECD's Employmetn, Labour and Social Affairs Committee to meet as a matter of urgency to examine the Korean situation. Both the ICFTU and TUAC have already made representations in support of their demands to the Korean President Kim Young-sam.

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