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Depleted Uranium Education Project A Project of the International Action Center 39 W. 14th St. #206, NY, NY 10011, Ph:(212) 633-6646, Fx: (212) 633-2889 email: iacenter@iacenter.org Founded by Ramsey Clark

PRESS RELEASE: Frank Alexander and Sara Flounders

(212) 633-6646 January 9, 1997

A Whitewash by The Presidential "Advisory" Committee Begin an Independent Investigation of Gulf War Syndrome Investigate Pentagon Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons In Gulf

The report released on Monday January 7th from Clinton's "blue-ribbon" presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veteran's Illnesses was one more attempt in a long series of manuevers by the White House and the Pentagon to further confuse the general public concerning the events of the Gulf War and the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. The vague references and incomplete findings of the committee simply obscure the crucial issues at hand. This panel has done nothing to alleviate the suffering of tens of thousands of GIs here in the US. There have been no comprehensive medical examinations or medical care.

The Gulf War has been over for nearly six years. The time for an advisory panel is over. The International Action Center, founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, demands that a full scientific investigation be launched to uncover the real causes of Gulf War Syndrome. An independent investigation into the Pentagon's use of Depleted Uranium weapons during the Gulf War, the connection of DU weapons to Gulf War Syndrome and a complete examination of the outbreak of rare diseases among the population in the Persian Gulf is needed.

The reports from the Gulf region on the indiscriminate use of Depleted Uranium weapons on civilian and military facilities, the unprotected destruction of an Iraqi nuclear reactor at Tuwaitha (10 kilometers south of Baghdad), the use of untested vaccines on GIs, the bombing of chemical weapons bunkers, the "loss" of military logs concerning chemical exposure, and the ensuing cover-up by the Pentagon demonstrate the callous and criminal acts of the United States military in its handling of the entire Gulf War. These acts are violations of international law including the UN Charter, the Geneva Conventions and their Protocols Additional of 1977.

The US Army Environmental Policy Institute Report of June 1995 shows clearly that the US military is well aware of the drastic risks associated with the use of DU weapons. The Pentagon fears a full investigation into the effects of these weapons. "When DU is indicted as a causative agent for Desert Storm illness, the Army must have sufficient data to separate fiction from reality. Without forethought and data, financial implications of long-term disability payments and health-care costs would be excessive."(U.S. AEPI Report 1994)

The Pentagon & the CIA must no longer be permitted to conduct their own investigations into this life-threatening situation caused by the Gulf War. An independent investigation must begin immediately to completely examine all potential causes of Gulf War Syndrome including the indiscriminate use of highly toxic, radioactive DU weapons.

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