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Tabasco Refuse Collectors on Hunger Strike May Die--Urgent Solidarity Needed Jorge Luis Alamilla Magana and Venancio Jimenez Martinez, the two Tabasco refuse collectors have now (January 7th,1997) been on hunger strike in front of the National Human Rights Commission for 84 days. Five other workers have been on hunger strike for 44 days and one of them, Agustin Vicente Sanchez has decided to stop taking any liquids as well. "If what they want is someone to die before they give in to our demands, I voluntarily offer my life for the sake of all my comrades and their families". Their health is very bad. They can barely speak or open their eyes. They have lost notion of time and suffer cramps in different parts of their bodies According to one of the doctors they have reached a point were damage to their health could be irreversible. They could suffer permanent brain damage. The workers have recieved solidarity from many different social, political, trade union and human rights organisations. The PRD (main opposition party) NEC decided to fully support the workers' cause and their two main leaders, Manuel Lopez Obrador and Cuauhtemoc Cardenas visit the strikers everyday. The PRD has demanded the president's direct intervention in the conflict to no reply from Ernesto Zedillo yet. The demands of the workers are: reinstatement of all 336 refuse collectors sacked in Villahermosa (Tabasco), payement of the wages for the days of work lost, withdrawal of the 46 arrest warrants against them. They have been offered 190 jobs on casual basis and redundancy payements for another 110 workers but they have refused this "offer" and made clear that they want their jobs back. Urgent solidarity action is needed Please circulate this appeal as widely as possible Send faxes of protest demanding immediate solutions to: Secretaria de Gobernacion Licenciado Esteban Moctezuma Barragan Fax: 525 521 27 63

Letters of solidarity can be sent to: Broad Front of Democratic Struggle Calle Insurgentes n. 203 Fracc. Insurgentes Ciudad Industrial Villahermosa TABASCO, Mexico. or emailed through: National Trade Union Commission, Party of the Democratic Revolution a la atencion de los trabajadores de la limpia de Tabasco joseluisr@laneta.apc.

Background information about the conflict: >http://www.gn.apc.org/labournet/tabasco.html

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