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Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA) Communique #4

Someplace in the Central Jungle, December 1996

The National Leadership of the MRTA directs itself to our dear people and to all the international community:

The military occupation of the residence of the Japanese Ambassador in Lima has converted Peru into the center of world attention where an unequal battle is being fought: On the one side, the Commando "Edgar Sanchez" prepared to obtain the liberation of our brother prisoners; and on the other side, a government that shows little interest in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Peruvians whom it has plunged into absolute poverty by the brutal application of the neo-liberal model. The Commando "Edgar Sanchez" has acted decisively and firmly, but at the same time has given proofs of flexibility in order to find a political solution.

The Peruvian government, in the face of the proposal of the MRTA, has responded with arrogance and with unconcern for the lives of those who are in the residence of the Japanese Ambassador. Among the prisoners of war are members of the Executive Power, of Congress, of the Judicial Power, of the armed forces and the police. All of these supported the regime unconditionally and the payment that they receive today for services rendered is the threat of a military intervention that puts their lives at risk.

The MRTA has respected and will respect the Geneva Convention on internal conflicts; in that sense the persons who are inside the residence are treated with the respect appropriate to their situation as human beings and prisoners of war. They don't recive the same treatment that the Peruvian government gives to the political prisoners, who are subjected to a slow extermination in the prisons of Peru. To justify this irrational action, the government has labelled the social fighters as terrorists. And it has proclaimed publicly that "one can't speak of peace while one utilizes terror as argument", and "the liberation of the perpetrators of assassinations and terrorist acts is unacceptable in the framework of the prevailing Peruvian laws and by criteria of national security". Mr. Fujimori forgets that peace is a result of social justice and that in Peru today such justice does not exist but rather a practice of terror that the state has implemented as a method of liquidating any opposition to the regime.

In the last four years, the number of political prisoners has increased by more than 9,000, all accused of belonging to subversive groups and presented to the media in striped clothing, subjected to a summary trial by military tribunals with "faceless judges", sentenced to imprisonment for 25, 30 years or life without the least respect for judicial proceedings. All those persons, after having suffered humiliations and degrading treatment, have had to demonstrate their innocence from prison. Thus there are still thousands of innocent persons detained in the prisons, to the point that the government has had to form a Commission of Pardons to free them, but wihout repairing the enormous damage that it has caused in thousands of Peruvian families and homes. The disappearances, the extrajudicial executions, the death by torture of those detained, the mass murder of presumed "subversive delinquents" give an account of the policy of terror that the state and government have practiced, not to speak of the terror that is generated in the population by the economic measures that strike pitiless blows at the population, causing hunger and misery in the immense majority of our people.

On the other hand, officers and subordinate personnel of the armed forces and police accused and sentenced for murder, rape, torture and genocide have been amnestied by this government under the pretext of contributing to national pacification, thus violating its own laws as well as international conventions for the protection of human rights.

For all that, we ask progressive women and men everywhere to continue demanding of the government of Peru a political solution that brings with it the freedom of the political prisoners and of the prisoners of war captured by the Commando "Edgar Sanchez". It is thanks to this expression of solidarity that a violent outcome has been avoided so far. It is the turn of the Peruvian government to speak.

Tupac Amaru ... Lives ... And Will Win!!

National Direction of the Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA)

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