Letter From MRTA Political Prisoners - November 1996

Arm The Spirit (ats@locust.cic.net)
Sun, 5 Jan 1997 17:36:15 -0500 (EST)

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Letter From MRTA Prisoners To The German Newspaper 'junge Welt'

Translated by Arm The Spirit

To The International Public, To All Human Rights Organizations:

We are imprisoned in Miguel Castro Castro Prison, and we would like to make the following known to you on behalf of those people accused or sentenced for membership in the MRTA:

1. The prison guidelines for prisoners sentenced on terrorism charges (Law #25475) have been in place for four years now. In this prison alone, three prisoners have died (from tuberculosis, AIDS, and cancer). Dozens more prisoners are infected with tuberculosis and more than 80% of all prisoners suffer from digestive disorders or liver problems. A majority of prisoners now have vision problems and several cases of mental illness have been reported.

Malnutrition and inhumane prison conditions are leading to the destruction of the prisoners. These prison conditions are violations of our fundamental rights: Restrictions include a ban on receiving information from the outside to a ban on contact visits with our children, wives, parents, and other family members.

2. The "grouping policies" according to which the prisoners are housed, as well as the fact that we are randomly mixed with other prisoners has, for example, led to conflicts with prisoners from Sendero Luminoso. This has made life in common cells and the use of common facilities impossible, as well as other forms of coexistence.

We demand an immediate regroupment.

We have written several appeals for a regroupment of MRTA prisoners, even to ministerial commissions. They have stated that they would solve this problem, but so far nothing has been done.

With revolutionary greetings,

Carlos Aquino A., delegate from pavilion 2A Emilio Villalobos A., delegate from pavilion 3A Juan Leon M., delegate from pavilion 2B Edison Loayza A., delegate from pavilion 3B

Lima, November 1996

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