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Remark: this is a rough translation of the german text "Ital. Anarchos vom 16. bis 24. Jan unterst|tzen" that was posted in A- Infos a few days before. ==========================================================================

_Individually but together against the octopus' arms!_

Soon the story is to be continued: On Jan 16th, 17th, 21st and 24th a Roman court decides on the charges against that 68, most of them anarchists, individuals, charged with setting-up a subversive organization. As you might know those charges are the result of a complex construction done by the Roman prosecutors Marini and Ionta based on the phantastic and inconsistent statements of an alleged chief witness. She, the ,remorseful" youngster Mojdeh Namsetchi, who is a former girl-friend of one of the defendants, is more to have pity than rage on her.

She had a break-down in the court session of Dec 13th, 1996 in Trento against the anarchists Jean Weir, Antonio Budini, Carlo Tesseri and Christos Stratigopulos. Nevertheless the defendants have been sentenced to two more years of prison for ,continous bank robberies". Even the obviously confused vice-prosecutor called for Jean's acquittal, but the obedient Trento judges followed the line that might be given by Marini and Ionta by sentencing all the defendants. Until now we do not know their written opinion but in any case it is important that Namsetchi's credibility seems to be damaged somehow: If the judges had believed her they had to acquit Jean in this proceeding because Namsetchi stated that she and not Jean Weir has been the involved female robber. But obviously they didn't believe.

What will show up in the future are Marini's new plans. In any case our friends' and comrades' fate depends on the of the Roman court's decision whether or not the charges go on trial. There will be strong security precautions; instead of a common court house the trial will be held in the court bunker of the Rebibbia/Roma prison which is notorious for the trials against Brigate Rosse.

In our opinion this is for two reasons: first, it is hard or nearly impossible to do public actions in front of the court room. The jail area is already isolated, in addition the court entrance will bu under heavy observation. Comrades showing their solidarity in this place would present themself to a witch-hunt. Above all the court session is closed. But not only the measures of security have their role in the justice's plans: to hold the trial in this place shall in a subtile way produce the danger radiated by the defendants and their friends to act as a deterrence.

We - from abroad - think it is useless for us to attend these court sessions in Rome. Those travellings are not only a question of time, money, and exertion, but of the reason as well. We think it more useful to express our solidarity in events in Germany and Northern Europe in the time of 16th to 24th January. What those events might be is a question that every individual and every group has to decide on their own. In any case it is important to inform the Italian supporters as they have the opportunity to spread such infos, for example via scene radio stations. You may contact the CDA (committee for the defendance of anarchists) in Turin (Tel/Fax: +39-11-317 41 07).

Solidaritdtskomitee Italien

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