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this is an official statement edited by the Italian Anarchist Defence= Committee. =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D


On the morning of 17 September, 1996, around 300 members of the Carabinieri special squads carried out raids and arrests against anarchists across= Italy.=20

This act of repression is part of a campaign orchestrated by the Roman judge Antonio Marini and the prosecutors Ionta and Vigna, a campaign which seeks to prove the existence of a mythical subversive anarchist paramilitary organisation. The first wave of raids occurred in November `95, but at that time the authorities found neither weapons nor bankrolls nor hideouts nor documents concerning the 'gang', which lacked indeed even a name.=20


The actions of Tuesday 17 September were carried out by masked and armed Carabinieri. The results were very serious: 29 arrest warrants and dozens of people that have been officially informed to be under investigation. Some of the accused were arrested and immediately taken to the Rebibbia prison (Rome) to await judge Marini's pleasure; others are currently in hiding. It is still not known exactly how many or who has been arrested - the latter have been denied the right to see anyone, and have not even been able to talk to their own lawyers.=20

The charges are very serious and range from subversive association to robbery, the manufacture of weapons and homicide. In practice this means accusing the anarchist movement of all the unsolved crimes of recent years, without any proof being offered. An indication of the climate of persecution surrounding the arrests is the judge's statement that "I want to arrest a gang of terrorists before I retire".=20

Another very disturbing matter is the press release issued by the Carabinieri, which talks of a non-existent subversive organisation structured on two levels: the first, hidden and illegal, is said to be protected by a more visible "second level", ideal for "camouflaging itself in the social milieu and interacting with other subversive cells in a dangerous, criminal brotherhood". It's clear that this notion of a "second level" is intended to strike at all those situations of widespread sociality and solidarity (like El Paso in Turin and other occupied places throughout Italy) which have furnished and continue to furnish support to all those who will not submit to the repressive apparatuses of the State. The theorem of the "second level" is the mechanism through which a very violent attack could be carried out against many situations of the movement in the near future.=20


Tuesday the 10th of December there has been the preliminary hearing of the trial ruled by the Judge Marini & C.: the hearing began and was postponed to the 16th, 17th, 21st and 24th of January 1997. In this first part they will only decide if we all will be put on trial for armed group, sabotage, etc. Maybe they'll decide that someone will be sentenced just for other charges or absolved... (many of the 21 people arrested the 17 of September are charged of bank robbery, murder, massacre, etc).=20

Since the 17th of September (when =93Operazione Pontelungo=94 started) till= now (20th of december) 3 people are on bail (Stefano Moreale, Francesco Berlemmi, Apollonia Cortimiglia, their arrest hasn't been confirmed), 4 are under house arrests (Salvatore Gugliara, Tiziano Andreozzi, Giuseppina Riccobono, Cristina Lo Forte) they all were on hunger strike), 8 are fugitive (Massimo Passamani, Guido Mantelli, Roberta Nano, Rose Ann Scrocco, Barcia Giovanni,, Condr=F2 Salvatore, Angela Lo Vecchio, Evangelia= Tzioutzia), 14 remain in jail.=20

Beside these 29 people that Marini ordered to arrest, there are other 39 individuals suspected taking part of this incredible organization Marini called O.R.A.I. (Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica Insurrezionalista). This abbreviation, on the contrary of what pigs said on TV, never appeared. In both raids operated by the Carabinieri on the 16th Nov. '95 and the 17th Sept. '96 they didn't find any guns or documents showing the `organization' program, any of these things. Of course they found many letters from/by the jail, many fliers, books, posters, agenda, etc.=20

The only things they found are guns and explosives in a cave in Rome in '91: this is part of another made-up against anarchists about the Silocchi kidnapping (for what has been arrested Gregorian Garagin, Orlando Campo, Francesco Porcu, all involved in the Marini inquiry). The 18th of December the Third Grade Court decided that the entire trial has to be repeated - in the 2nd Grade they sentenced to prison for life and 22 years two anarchists. Even in this trial proofs were ridiculous. Just one example: one of the anarchist condemned is accused for typewriting a letter received by the family from the kidnappers with a machine that wasn't on sale yet.=20

One of the most important things to know is the following: the judge and the Carabinieri forced and paid a young girl 21 years old (ex girlfriend of one of the anarchists arrested in Trento) to talk and `confess' about the `anarchist gang' crimes from 1985 to 1995. She's never been anarchist. As proof of her loyalty that girl accused herself of a bank robbery done with other 3 of the anarchists catched in Trento (sept. '94), but she can't remember anything about facts: she doesn't remember their dressing, what thay made into the bank, if someone shoot, who carried money....=20

The 13th of December the Second Grade Court sentenced to other 2 years of jail the four anarchists catched in Trento (Sept. '94) for other two bank assault without any verified proof but the declarations of this young girl who accused herself to take part in this assault and in this phantomatic organisation. The Court of Trento believed her even if she wasn't able to remember absolutely anything about `her' robbery. But it doesn't matter for the Justice: they needed to prove she's right because she's the only proof of the existence of the band. This permitted Marini to start with his inquiry in '95.=20

Then Marini joined together every inquiry against anarchists of the last 10 years: the bank robbery made by Alfredo Bonanno and Pippo Stasi (1987), the presumed bomb attacks by Marco Camenisch, every investigations made by the judge Vigna for `subversive association' against anarchists...=20

Many of the 29 were already in jail: Antonio Budini, Carlo Tesseri, Jean Weir and Christos Stratigopulos since sept'94 for the bank robbery near Trento; Orlando Campo, Gregorian Garagin, Francesco Porcu for the Silocchi kidnapping; Horst Fantazzini (since 25 years) for many robbery and assault, Marco Camenisch for bombs attack.=20


Comitato Difesa Anarchici are individuals taking care of the anarchist prisoners in Italy. His functions is to keep the contacts between prisoners and the outside, with letters, packages, money and whatever. To pay the legal expenses, and to promote counterinformation. It already exist a bulletin, coming out every two months, about the situation of the prisoners.= =20

Our `defense': we refuse as anarchists, as Commitee, to `defend' our comrades as innocent. We don't care about what the judges say. They could charge everyone for any kind of accusation, but according to us they are in prisons just because they're anarchists. This is our position.=20

There are also other `anarchists' who discriminate between charges: bank robbery is -maybe- okay (is an anarchist correct act) not murder (criminal act). Apart the way these `anarchists' could decide if the accusation are true or not (will they form an `anarchist' police and tribunal?) we as Commitee don't have any but a technical role: we receive letters from people in jail -also personally unknown- who declare themselves anarchists. We wrote'em, we find'em a lawyer of our `list' who's available for the defense, we send to prisoners money and we try to help them also to pay their lawyer if we have money enough. We are connected with other groups, two of them send books for free to prisoners (one just anarchists books, the other one any kind of books).=20

As Committe we also broadcast in the only free-radio station in Torino (Radio Black-Out) and send radio services weekly to other similar radio throughout Italy. We print a bulletin and send it to many people in Italy; recently we're also on computer networks. Everyone who work with us isn't paid (of course).=20

A particular note: especially for this last police operation, the FAI (the Italian Anarchist Federation) and its newspaper didn't wrote quite anything about this story, not a single word of solidarity toward arrested people.=20

We suggest everyone who want to manifest his solidarity to translate and diffuse every information about this story, the biggest repression against anarchists in last 30 years. Fliers, posters, books, pamphlet, meetings, radio broadcasting, parties, concerts, demonstrations, actions, everything is useful. Of course we also need money, but this is not the most important support you can give us from abroad. In different countries people is working to complete translation & infos: here you can find some= addresses.=20

We will try to get copies of any translated documents, so ask us (before start working if already exists some stuff in your language, we'll send you a copy or the contact).=20

You can find infos of CDA on the net: (mailing list A-INFOS@LGLOBAL.COM and CSLIST@ECN.ORG and web pages http://www.ecn.org/zero/anarchy.htm).=20

Write (also in french, spanish or -of course- italian but please, typewrite) to:=20

CDA c/o El Paso, Via Passo Buole 47, 10127, Torino, Italy=20

Packages or money to: Mario Anzoino, Via Ormea 150, 10126, Torino, Italy,=20

telephone/fax/answering machine: 0039-11-674.833=20

the E-mail of El Paso is: elpasosq@freenet.hut.fi=20

Key fngrprnt (since 1993) =3D  52 DB 96 92 FA 1D CE 71  0D 63 96 E5 9A 9B 07=

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